Sports Coaches

A sport coach provides the training, instruction and encouragement for an athlete. Even though a coach is responsible for planning training sessions for players to improve their skills, a coach is also used as a motivational person for their athlete.

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Coach Roles and Responsibilities

Depending on the sport a coach will have different strengths, but the overall goal remains the same. A coach will need to know the terminology and skills needed for the sport as they will be teaching their athletes those terms and skills. Not only does a coach teach their athletes skills, but they also help athletes deal with the pressure that comes along with playing a sport. Even though the coach is responsible for teaching the physical parts of a game they also play a huge part in the psychological part. A great coach has the ability to connect with their athlete on athletic ability as well as mentally prepare them for the ups and downs they will experience during their athletic career. Sports coaching comes with a lot of responsibilities and tasks, which can cause coaches to fail.


Well-Known Coaches

Successful coaches not only reach performance greatness, but are also able to turn their athletes into better human beings. Across all sports some of the greatest coaches of all time are John Wooden (basketball), Don Shula (football), Phil Jackson (basketball), and Mike Krzyzewski (basketball). These coaches all have achieved their sports highest athletic achievement. They have taught their athletes the correct way to play their sport while also making them into better people through motivation and psychological discipline.


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