San Jose Earthquakes Throwback Jerseys

Because the San Jose Earthquakes have been a soccer team so long, they have changed up their jerseys many times. Over the years, there have been two highly popular retro jerseys that fans still adore. These jerseys are:

  • The NASL Jersey
  • The 1996 Jersey

The NASL Jersey

Prior to being in the MLS, the Quakes were a part of the NASL. In their time in the NASL, they wore red jerseys, which are now called Quakes retro jerseys. These jerseys had the Quakes name on the front wrapped around a soccer ball, and were red with white trip. The club sells these jerseys for fans to be able to support the team while calling back to their rich history.

The 1996 Clash Jersey

When the Quakes joined the MLS in 1996 they started out as the San Jose Clash. Their first jerseys as the clash were a mix of white, yellow-green, and blue, with red lettering. There is a lot of debate between fans on whether this is the best or the worst jersey of all time. While the colors were popular in the 90s, overtime people began to realize that they enjoyed the new blue jerseys a lot more. Nonetheless, these jerseys are still a key part of Quakes history.