What Are The Best Seats At MetLife Stadium?

What Are The Best Seats At MetLife Stadium

Metlife Stadium is a National Football League venue built in 2010 that plays host to the New York Jets and New York Giants. This stadium is one of three that seats over 80,000 people, and its capacity of 82,500 is the most in the NFL. Read below to find the best places to sit at Metlife Stadium.

Lower Bowl

The lower bowl at any stadium refers to the sections closest to the field. The general rule of thumb is as follows: the closer to the field, the better the seat, leading to a more expensive ticket. Metlife Stadium isn’t an exception to the rule. The best lower bowl sections are 112, 113, 114, 137, 139, and 140. This is because these seats are closer to the center of the playing surface, which means a person gets an equal view of both sides of the field. This is especially important in football because the field is 100 yards long. Tickets in the lower bowl vary in price by event, but for football games, they can be between $150 and $175.

Middle Upper Bowl

Upper bowl tickets are typically cheaper than lower bowl seats because the person is farther away from the field; thus, it’s harder to see the game. However, the exception is the center of the upper bowl. These seats can be just as expensive, if not more expensive, than lower bowl tickets because the person can see both sides of the field equally. In Metlife Stadium, those sections are 312, 313, 314, 337, 338, and 339. The key, though, is to sit in a row towards the bottom of the upper bowl, as it's close to how someone would experience the view in the upper parts of the club level. At their lowest, tickets in the middle and upper bowls can cost as little as $20-34, though they are often more.

Luxury Seating

Luxury seating at Metlife Stadium doesn’t guarantee someone gets the best view of the field; however, it’s the nicest area to watch a game. First, there’s the club level, which is located between the lower and upper bowls. This area offers air conditioning and better food options. Then, there’s box seating, which is the most expensive seating at Metlife Stadium. There are three levels of suites, which all offer a lounge, catering, televisions, and a private bathroom. This is certainly a unique way to watch an event. Tickets for the MetLife Stadium luxury seating can run as high as $5,000-30,000, depending on the event.


What is the best seat at MetLife Stadium?

Suites are the best seats at Metlife Stadium, as they offer luxuries that none of the other sections have. These are the most expensive tickets because they give the person or group catering, televisions, a lounge with air conditioning, and a private bathroom.

Where should you sit at MetLife Stadium?

If someone can’t afford the luxury suite, then the next-best place to sit is club level. These seats are about as expensive as the lower bowl despite being higher up because they offer an air-conditioned deck and better food options than other tickets.