What Are The Best Seats At Ford Field?

What Are The Best Seats At Ford Field

As with any live sporting event, where you sit at an NFL game has a massive impact on your experience. Before buying tickets, one should ask themselves some questions. Do I prefer to be in the sun or the shade? How far away do I want to be from the action? What kind of angle do I want to see the game from? Luckily for fans of the Detroit Lions, Ford Field offers seats for just about any type of customer. Read on to learn more about the best seats to sit at Ford Field.

Box Seating

If you’re looking for a simply unparalleled viewing experience, box seating is more than likely the way to go. Box seating is not technically in the stands, but rather in something of a sheltered room with more comfortable seating and a prime view of the action. At Ford Field, the box and suite options are plentiful. The stadium has dedicated quite a bit of its real estate toward this type of seating.

All the boxes have incredible views of the action, close up enough to feel involved but far enough away to be able to see the big picture of the game. Boxes also are known to have better options for concessions, and sometimes even a wait staff to bring them to you. Naturally, an experience like this isn’t cheap. Boxes and suites are by far the most expensive and hard-to-come-by seats at Ford Field, but if you have the means and it sounds right for you, sitting in a box is a fantastic experience

Midfield Seats

During an NFL game, the most sought-after seats are typically located around the 50-yard line. These midfield seats are so desirable because they give the best view of the action. If you’re sitting close to or even behind one of the endzones, you might get an incredible view of a touchdown for one team, but when the action is on the other side of the field, there’s no chance you’ll be able to see any of it.

Sitting at midfield, however, you’re able to see the action on all sides of the field. Again, these seats are rarely cheap, seeing as they’re the most sought-after, and they usually get more expensive the closer to the field they are. But this is for a reason: sitting midfield at an NFL game is an incredible experience.


What is the best seat at Ford Field?

The best seat in Ford Field would be in the box closest to the field around the 50-yard line. This would give a pretty much perfect view of the action, while also guaranteeing the utmost comfort while watching the game.

Where should you sit at Ford Field?

Where you sit is dependent on what you want and what your budget looks like, but Ford Field has something for everyone. If you’re looking for comfort and a luxurious experience, you should probably sit in a box. If you’re hoping to be up close and personal to the game, you should sit close to the field around the 50-yard line. If you want the most affordable seating option, 300-level seats are best for you.