List of Racing Sports A-Z

List of Racing Sports

Many racing sports have been around for centuries, with basic sports and activities like running, cycling, and swimming standing as the most commonly practiced. The main types of racing sports are categorized into animal, cycle, kids, lumberjack, motorsports, multi-discipline, remote control, walking/running, water, wheeled, and winter racing sports. The main objective of racing sports is to be the fastest to complete some form of task or course. This is typically done against a clock, or to reach a specific point or end goal. Since there are so many types of racing sports, there are many that are included in major famous competitions like the Olympics. With hundreds of racing sports available to the public, you’ve more than likely engaged in at least one at some point in time. 

Animal Racing Sports

  • Barrel Racing
  • Bikejoring
  • Camel Racing
  • Canicross
  • Chariot Racing
  • Chuckwagon Racing
  • Combined Driving
  • Cross-Country Equestrian
  • Dachshund Racing
  • Dog Agility
  • Dogsled Racing
  • Endurance Riding
  • Frog Racing
  • Goat Tying
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Harness Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • Pigeon Racing
  • Point-To-Point
  • Pole Bending
  • Quarter-Horse Racing
  • Scurry Driving
  • Skijøring
  • Terrier Racing
  • Thoroughbred Racing
  • Turtle Racing

Cycle Racing Sports

Kids Racing Sports

  • Cup Stacking
  • Egg And Spoon Race
  • Neppis
  • Slot Car Racing
  • Sack Race
  • Speedcubing

Lumberjack Racing Sports

Motorsports Racing

  • Air Racing
  • All-Terrain Vehicle Competition
  • Autocross
  • Autograss
  • Automobile Racing
  • Banger Racing
  • Board Track Racing
  • Car Ice Racing
  • Cross-Country Rally
  • Desert Racing
  • Dirt Track Racing
  • Drag Boat Racing
  • Drag Racing
  • Endurance Racing
  • Enduro
  • Endurocross
  • F1 Powerboat Racing
  • Folkrace
  • Formula 1
  • Formula Air Racing
  • Formula Libre
  • Formula Student
  • Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing
  • Grand Prix Racing
  • Grasstrack
  • Gymkhana
  • Hill Climb
  • Hovercraft Racing
  • Hydroplane Racing
  • Ice Speedway
  • Indoor Enduro
  • Jet Ski Racing
  • Jet Sprint Boat Racing
  • Kart Racing
  • Kite Buggy
  • Lawn Mower Racing
  • Legends Car Racing
  • Long Track Motorcycle Speedway
  • Midget-Car Racing
  • Motocross
  • Motogp
  • Motorboat Racing
  • Motorcycle Drag Racing
  • Motorcycle Grand Prix
  • Motorcycle Gymkhana
  • Motorcycle Racing
  • Motorcycle Road Racing
  • Motorcycle Sidecar Racing
  • Motorcycle Speedway
  • Off-Road Racing
  • Offshore Powerboat Racing
  • Pickup Truck Racing
  • Playboating
  • Powerboat Racing
  • Production Car Racing
  • Race Of Champions
  • Racewalking
  • Rally Car Racing
  • Rally Raid
  • Rallycross
  • Regularity Rally
  • Road Racing
  • Rokkiralli
  • Short Track Motor Racing
  • Snocross
  • Snowmobile Racing
  • Speedway Racing
  • Sports Car Racing
  • Sprint Car Racing
  • Stock Car Racing
  • Street Racing
  • Supercross
  • Supermoto
  • Superside
  • Time Attack
  • Touring Car Racing
  • Track Racing
  • Tractor Pulling
  • Truck Racing
  • Tt Racing
  • Vintage Racing

Multi-Discipline Racing Sports

Remote Control Racing Sports

  • Drone Racing
  • Model Aircraft Racing
  • Model Yacht Racing
  • RC Racing

Walking/Running Racing Sports

  • 10K Run
  • 200 Meters Sprint
  • 5K Run
  • Beach Flags
  • Cross-Country Running
  • Ekiden
  • Endurance Running
  • Fell Running
  • Half Marathon
  • Hurdling
  • Long-Distance Running
  • Marathon
  • Middle-Distance Running
  • Mountain Running
  • Obstacle Course Racing
  • Relay Race
  • Road Running
  • Skyrunning
  • Snowshoe Running
  • Steeplechase
  • Tower Running
  • Three-Legged Race
  • Track And Field (Athletics)
  • Trail Running
  • Ultramarathon
  • Wife-Carrying

Water Racing Sports

Wheeled Racing Sports

  • All-Terrain Boarding
  • Grass Skiing
  • Inline Speed Skating
  • Land Sailing
  • Land Windsurfing
  • Racerunning
  • Road Bowling
  • Road Skating
  • Roller Derby
  • Street Luge
  • Wheelchair Racing

Winter Racing Sports


What are racing sports?

Racing sports are a competition of speed, where individuals are usually racing against a clock or to reach a specific point. Usually, this involves competitors who try to race against each other to complete a given task the fastest or the shortest amount of time. The main types of racing sports include animal, cycle, kids, lumberjack, motorsports, multi-discipline, remote control, walking/running, water, wheeled, and winter racing sports, as these are the most common ways to categorize them.

The most popular racing sports are typically whichever ones are most commonly performed or watched by individuals. Running, walking, swimming, and cycling are some very specific ones, which all require players to compete against one another to see who will finish the fastest. Similarly, motor and winter race sports which could include NASCAR racing, or skiing and snowboarding, are all very often played and watched.

What racing sports are played in the Olympics?

There are about 18 racing sports that are in the Olympics. These include alpine skiing, artistic swimming, cross-country, canoe/kayak flatwater, canoe/kayak slalom, freestyle skiing, marathon swimming, modern pentathlon, mountain biking, road cycling, rowing, sailing, speed skating, short track speed skating, swimming, track cycling, and triathlon. These involve players competing in terms of speed against other players and usually against a clock, specific point, or end goal. 

What racing sports are best for kids?

Kids can participate in many different racing sports, with  numerous racing sports that are less strenuous, which makes them more appealing to kids. Some may include a 1K or 5K run, cycling, obstacle courses, and more. While in school, sports such as cross country, skiing, and track and field are played. However, most commonly, children are involved in cup stacking, sack racing, egg and spoon races, neppis, slot car racing, sack racing, and speedcubing. Children participate in these racing sports because they are kid-friendly, safe, and aren't as difficult to perform as others.