List of Walking Sports A-Z

List of Walking Sports

Walking for sport and recreation has been an activity that human beings have engaged in for thousands of years, hiking mountains and exploring new lands. Today, many choose walking sports as an outlet for stress relief and to stay healthy, as sports like backpacking and hiking can be done by almost anyone with a desire to be active. Walking sports are defined as any sport where the objective’s main form of physical exertion is through the act of walking.

Many walking sports are simply slowed-down versions of traditional sports at walking pace with modified rules. Walking sports themselves can be just as healthy as other sports, as walking is a great way for individuals to burn fat, improve cardiovascular health, and improve muscle endurance while reducing health risks like a heart attack or stroke from over-exertion or aging. This is why many walking sports appeal to those 50 years old and up who are looking to stay healthy but are unable to engage in sports that require substantial physical exertion.

Walking Sports List A to Z


What are walking sports?

Walking sports are considered any sport where the main form of physical exertion is via walking. Many of these sports are activities that require walking long distances with the intention of exploring nature, like backpacking and hiking. On the other hand, some walking sports are simply more traditional sports that have been slowed to a walking pace with modified rules like walking basketball and walking football. These sports are designed to offer less strenuous fitness options to those with increased health risk from physical exertion.

Walking is the most commonly chosen form of exercise by people 15 and older in the United States. Specifically, in regard to walking sports, sports like hiking and backpacking have been enjoyed by many for years. Recently, there has been a rise in the popularity of walking versions of more traditional sports like walking basketball and walking football, as more elderly people begin to choose these new and fun outlets to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

How do the walking alternatives of sports differ from the normal versions?

Walking alternatives are simply slowed-down versions of the original sport in which participants move at a walking pace with modified rules meant to make these renditions less demanding on the body. These sports are great for the elderly, people with disabilities, or those looking to rehab from various injuries, as they are designed to allow these people to engage in physical activity without high levels of physical activity necessary. In fact, walking football is one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK.

Are there walking sports in the Olympics?

While most of these walking sports are not featured in the Olympics, racewalking is present in the Olympics in the form of two walking events: the 20km and 50km walk. Racewalking is a part of the athletics discipline at the Olympic Games. With the continued rise in popularity of these walking variations of traditional sports, there may be potential for these sports to make an appearance in the Olympics in the future.