List of Summer Sports A-Z

List of Summer Sports

Depending on where on earth you live, a few short months of summer may be your only chance to enjoy warm, pleasant weather before the inevitable return of winter’s cold days. Enjoying summer sports is one of the best ways to get the most out of summer, no matter how short or temperate it may be. Summer sports may be competitive or recreational; with such a wide variety of options, there truly is a summer sport for everyone.

Sun and warm weather provide the necessary conditions for summer sports, all of which are played outdoors in warm weather. As the beach and bodies of water are popular destinations for summer recreation of all kinds, many summer sports are held in the water or on the beach. Summer is a great time to participate in a team sport, even at an amateur or club level. Baseball, softball, soccer, rugby, and handball are some of the most accessible and popular summer team sports

Summer Sports List A to Z


What are summer sports?

Summer sports are all types of sporting activities that take place outdoors during the summer months of the year. Summer weather provides the warm and clear conditions necessary for these activities; summer sports cannot be played in cold weather or severe precipitation. Most summer sports have professional and Olympic-level competitions, but a great feature of summer sports is that most are accessible to all skill and fitness levels. The main point of summer sports is to provide enjoyable outdoor recreation to all people.

Soccer (known as football outside of the United States) is the most popular summer sport worldwide. Over 250 million athletes from over 200 countries compete in soccer matches every year. The largest soccer tournament, the FIFA World Cup, can draw over 600 million total television viewers. Tennis, golf, and cycling are also extremely popular summer sports; all three receive extensive television coverage and are included in the Olympics. Baseball and NASCAR are very popular summer sports in the United States, but the appeal and coverage of these sports are limited throughout the rest of the world. 

What are the most dangerous summer sports?

Many summer sports take place in or on the water, which can expose athletes to dangers such as drowning, strong currents, high pressures at depth, and aquatic predators. The most dangerous summer sport is free diving, in which swimmers descend to depths exceeding 700ft (210m) below the surface. Out of 5,000 free divers active in the sport, around 100 die each year while competing. Other dangerous summer sports include cave diving, free solo climbing, BASE jumping, and kite fighting.

Which summer sports can you play on the beach?

Just like going to the beach, playing sports on the beach is all about having fun and relaxing with family and friends. A notable exception is beach volleyball, which can be played recreationally but also features competitions at the collegiate, professional, and Olympic levels. Many other sports are well adapted to play on the sand, such as beach soccer, paddleball, beach handball, beach rugby, and beach basketball. Some modifications to rules and equipment may be necessary, but most beach sports function similarly to their counterparts on other surfaces.