List of Polo Sports A-Z

List of Polo Sports

Polo sports are sports based upon the original form of polo, horse polo. Horse polo, which originated in Persia (Iran) during the 6th Century, is a game where two teams of four players, riding on horseback, use long mallets to strike a wooden ball down a grassy field in an attempt to score points by hitting the ball through the opposing team’s goalposts. Horse polo was first developed as a means of training cavalry units for battle but eventually became a widely-played game among the nobility throughout Central Asia and Europe.

Many variations of polo exist in the modern era, including arena polo, snow polo, and water polo. These different polo sports all have various rules and equipment based upon their settings but retain a general similarity to the original polo game. Horse polo was once an Olympic sport but was discontinued in 1936. However, water polo is currently played as an Olympic sport. 

Polo Sports List A to Z

  • Arena Polo
  • Auto Polo
  • Beach Polo
  • Canoe Polo
  • Cowboy Polo
  • Cycle Polo (Bicycle Polo)
  • Elephant Polo
  • Hardcourt Bike Polo
  • Pato
  • Polo (Horses)
  • Polocrosse
  • Segway Polo
  • Snow Polo
  • Tennis Polo
  • Water Polo
  • Yak Polo


What are polo sports?

Polo sports are a category of sports based on the game of horse polo. There are many different varieties of polo sports, but most of them retain the same objective as horse polo, to move a ball down the length of a predetermined field in an attempt to score points for your team by moving the ball through the opponents’ goalposts. Polo sports are played on a wide variety of courts, from grass, to snow, to water.

The most popular polo sports are horse polo, water polo, snow polo, and beach polo. Horse polo remains the most popular polo sport in the world, with many different tournaments across various countries, including the U.S. Open Polo Championship, the Cartier’s Queen Cup, and the Argentine Polo Open Championship. Water polo is another common polo sport and is featured in the Olympic Games. Snow and beach polo are also popular and have had tournaments of their own, such as the 2018 Beach Polo Cup and the annual USPA Aspen World Snow Polo Championship.

What basic equipment do I need to play polo sports?

The equipment needed for polo sports varies based on the type of polo being played. For most forms of horseback polo, standard equipment includes an equestrian helmet, a colored polo shirt, riding boots, and white trousers, though players can add extra equipment such as knee pads, a face mask, gloves, or a whip. Horse polo is played with a long mallet that has a hammer at the end and a wooden ball. For water polo, another popular variation, equipment includes a special, grooved ball, floating goal nets, swim caps, swimsuits, and mouthguards.

Polo is an extremely popular sport that is played around the world. In its earliest form, horse polo was played in the Middle East and Central Asia, having originated in Persia before slowly migrating to Europe and other nations. Nowadays, polo sports are most popular in Argentina, the United States, and Great Britain. Other countries and cities where polo is popular include New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, China, Chile, and Spain.