List of Motorcycle Sports A-Z

List of Motorcycle Sports

Motorcycle sports are a broad range of activities in which motorcycle-riding athletes compete, typically attempting to achieve maximum speed or style. Motorcycles first became commercially available in 1894, and three years later, the first motorcycle race was held in England. Motorcycle racing quickly grew in popularity. The first governing body, the Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme, was established in 1904. One of the most famous and longest-running races, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, was first run in 1907 and continues to be held yearly.

While most motorcycle sports take the form of a head-to-head race or time trial, some events also evaluate a rider’s skill when determining a winner. For example, enduro tests an athlete’s ability to ride between checkpoints within a precise time; arriving early or late will result in a lower score. Gymkhana times riders through an obstacle course of cones, and deviation from the course results in a time penalty. Meanwhile, freestyle motocross competitions determine a winner solely on judges’ scoring of riders’ ability to execute prescribed tricks or techniques.

Motorcycle Sports List A to Z

  • Enduro
  • Endurocross
  • Freestyle Motocross
  • Grasstrack
  • Ice Speedway
  • Indoor Enduro
  • Long Track Motorcycle Speedway
  • Motoball
  • Motocross
  • Motor-Paced Race
  • Motorcycle Drag Racing
  • Motorcycle Grand Prix
  • Motorcycle Gymkhana
  • Motorcycle Racing
  • Motorcycle Sidecar Racing
  • Motorcycle Speedway
  • Motorcycle Road Racing
  • Short Track Motor Racing
  • Supercross
  • Supermoto
  • Superside
  • Track Racing
  • TT Racing


What are motorcycle sports?

Motorcycle sports are a variety of competitions among athletes riding motorcycles. These sports are often described as extreme or dangerous due to the high speeds and riders’ vulnerability to injury. Motorcycle racing is the oldest motorcycle sport. Most motorcycle sports are a type of racing, such as speedway, grasstrack, short track, and TT racing. Other motorcycle sports, such as enduro and freestyle motocross, are partially or entirely skill-based competitions. Motoball, or motorcycle polo, is a goal-scoring ball sport in which athletes ride motorcycles while competing.

How do I stay safe while participating in motorcycle sports?

While motorcycle sports can be dangerous, properly preparing yourself and your motorcycle can reduce your risk of injury and misfortune. Taking a safety course can be beneficial to learning proper riding techniques and how to react if a potentially dangerous situation arises while riding. Gaining experience as a rider on surface roads and trails will help you feel confident in your riding abilities before you enter competition. Additionally, wearing protective gear, such as a helmet, goggles, jacket, and boots or other footwear, can help keep you safe if you end up in an accident or crash. Make sure to keep a first-aid kit with you, especially if medical staff will not be present at your sporting event. Lastly, perform scheduled maintenance on your motorcycle and inspect all lights and vital mechanical systems before riding.

What is a Grand Prix in motorcycle racing?

In motorcycle racing, a Grand Prix is a race run on a road course. Grand Prix's are often held by the Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme (FIM), the international governing body in the sport. Motorcycle Grand Prix, or MotoGP, is a motorcycle racing series that takes place on road courses throughout the world. Currently, the series consists of 18 races across 11 countries. The first Motorcycle Grand Prix race was held in 1949. In addition to the premier MotoGP class, three junior classes race on the same circuits: Moto2, Moto3, and MotoE. 

One of the most popular motorcycle sports is MotoGP, in which riders race on purpose-built motorcycles on road circuits. Another is motocross, a type of outdoor circuit racing taking place over a variety of terrain, including mud, sand, and gravel. Supercross is similar to motocross but held indoors, with bigger jumps and more technically demanding tracks. Other popular motorcycle sports are hill climb, motoball, drag racing, speedway racing, TT racing, supermoto, and superbike racing.