List of Handball Sports A-Z

List of Handball Sports

Handball sports are team sports based on the game of handball. Handball is a sport in which two teams of seven players (six outfielders and a goalkeeper) pass a ball between them in an attempt to throw it into the opposing team’s goal to score points. The history of handball goes back to the 1800s when it was invented in Europe as an indoor sport. Standard handball matches consist of two 30-minute periods and are typically very fast-paced and intense, often including many goals.

Many different variations of handball exist, most of which are played on different surfaces. For instance, beach handball is played on sand instead of a court, and field handball is played on grass. Czech Handball is another variation of handball that is played on a field but also has slightly different rules than standard handball, including a longer field and a rule that prohibits players from holding the ball for more than two seconds.

Handball Sports List A to Z

  • Beach Handball
  • Chinese Handball
  • Czech Handball
  • Eton Fives
  • Field Handball
  • Frisian Handball
  • Gaelic Handball
  • Handball (European Team Handball)
  • International Fronton
  • Kronum
  • Outdoor Handball
  • Roll Ball
  • Rugby Fives
  • Unicycling Handball
  • Valencian Pilota


What are handball sports?

Handball sports are a category of sports that are based on standard handball. Handball is a limited-contact sport that involves two teams passing a ball up and down a court in an attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s net. There are many different types of handball sports, including variations played on sand or grass instead of a court. Handball is a very fast-paced sport and typically features far higher scores than sports like soccer or hockey.

Which handball sports are in the Olympics?

Indoor handball is currently included in the Olympics. It was introduced as an official event in 1972 and remains an Olympic sport to this day, having produced famous athletes such as Michaël Guigou, Nikola Karabatic, and Luc Abalo. Field handball was first played at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but was dropped from the Games after that year and not played again until 1952, when it was played as a demonstration sport.

The two most popular forms of handball are indoor handball and beach handball. Both of these handball variations are played in various tournaments around the world and are very popular in European countries such as Germany, Denmark, Iceland, and Sweden. Professional handball is governed by the International Handball Federation (IHF), which holds tournaments like the annual IHF Men’s and Women’s Championships, the IHF Men’s and Women’s Junior Championships, and the IHF Men’s and Women’s Youth Championships.