List of Gymnastics Sports A-Z

List of Gymnastic Sports

Gymnastics sports are a category of competitions where athletes perform structured routines involving their own bodies and sometimes use apparatuses like rings, bars, or other athletic equipment. Gymnastics sports are often performed in teams but can also be done individually. Many gymnastics sports have become popularized due to their appearances in the Olympic Games, where gymnasts from various nations perform routines in order to win medals for their countries.

Certain gymnastics performances, such as the floor exercise, baton twirling, and the trapeze, are well-known by many spectators and are noteworthy for their gracefulness and difficulty. Many athletes have distinguished themselves in gymnastics sports, both in individual and team competitions. These famous athletes include American gymnasts such as Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, and Shannon Miller, who have won numerous Olympic medals in their sport.

Gymnastics Sports List A to Z


What are gymnastics sports?

Gymnastics sports are a category of sports involving the performance of structured exercises and routines. In the Olympic Games, gymnastics sports are separated into three categories: artistic, rhythmic, and trampoline. Certain groups of gymnastics events at the Olympics are only performed by either men or women, but many can be performed by both. Some gymnastics sports are individual sports, but others can be team-based, involving the addition of individual scores for each athlete’s routines to calculate the team’s overall score.

One of the most popular gymnastics sports is artistic gymnastics, which involves a series of exercises known as a routine. For women, these events include apparatuses such as the uneven bars, balance beam, vault, and floor exercise, which can be individual or team-based. Popular artistic gymnastics performed by men include the pommel horse, still rings, and parallel bars. Rhythmic gymnastics, which incorporates elements of ballet and dance, is also a popular category of gymnastics sports.

What gymnastics sports are in the Olympics?

There are many types of gymnastics sports at the Olympic Games. For men’s competitions, Olympic gymnastics events include the floor exercise, pommel horse, vault, rings, horizontal bar, parallel bars, and all-around competition. For women’s competitions, the events are the floor exercise, vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and the all-around competition, which can be done individually or as a team. In the rhythmic gymnastics category, events include the rope, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon. Finally, the Olympics also includes an individual trampoline event for both men and women.

Are gymnastics sports individual or team sports?

Gymnastics sports can be both individual and team-based. Many young people who get involved in gymnastics sports join classes to learn how to perform certain exercises both individually and as part of a group. Many gymnastics studios put on recitals to allow their students to show off their skills. In professional gymnastics sports, both individual and team events are held. Many Olympic athletes perform individual events while also participating in team events to win medals for their respective home nations.