List of Extreme Summer Sports A-Z

List of Extreme Summer Sports

Extreme summer sports is a category of extreme sports and events that typically occur in the summer season and take place outdoors. The goal of each sport can vary from simply completing a task like skydiving or climbing a mountain to competing in high-speed races against other extreme athletes for the fastest time. Extreme summer sports provide a unique adrenaline rush to participants, which explains why they are constantly increasing in popularity.  Mountain biking and climbing are two of the most popular extreme summer sports due to their simplicity and ease of access, but they still provide the thrill that participants are looking for. Extreme summer sports are growing as a whole, as bouldering recently debuted as a new event during the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Base jumping, another of the more popular disciplines of extreme summer sports, holds some crazy records, such as Valery Rozov’s record for the highest base jump completed. Rozov, a Russian daredevil, leaped from the top of Mount Everest 22,688 feet above sea level. That's four and a half miles spent in the air!

Extreme Summer Sports List A to Z


What are extreme summer sports?

Extreme summer sports are an excellent way for people to enjoy the outdoors and a dose of adrenaline and thrills. While dangerous, they can be made safer with proper precautions and protective equipment. Regardless, all extreme summer sports hold some inherent risks. A wide range of activities fall under the category of extreme summer sports, but they are all sure to provide excitement and an experience second to none.

Two of the most popular extreme summer sports are mountain biking and climbing, specifically the lead climbing category. Mountain biking has always been a popular pastime, and it was first brought to popularity in the U.S. with John Finley Scott, the first mountain biker. In 1953 he constructed a Woodsie Bike, a precursor to the modern one we use today. Lead climbing also has a large following, with over 75 countries participating in worldwide events.

What are the most dangerous extreme summer sports?

Many different sports can make a case for the most dangerous extreme summer sports, but a few stand out in regard to their potential risks. Base jumping is commonly seen as one of the most hazardous pastimes, with chute malfunctions and the low altitude making the margin of error slim. From 1981 to July 2019, there have been 374 recorded deaths attributed to base jumping. Freediving and cliff diving also hold immense risk, with the ever-present danger of drowning and equipment malfunctions.

What are the top competitions for extreme summer sports?

Extreme summer sports, such as BMX freestyle, mountain biking, and canoe slalom, consider the Summer Olympics and X-games their highest forms of competition. In terms of top competitions for other extreme sports, many have their own unique peaks of competition designated to the individual sport itself. Among its three different disciplines, climbing has the Bouldering World Cup and the Competitive Climbing World Series as the most prestigious competitions athletes can win. The vast number of different championships and top events within extreme summer sport speaks to the popularity of this category of sport as a whole.