List of Dribbling Sports A-Z

List of Dribbling Sports

Dribbling sports can date their origins back as far as 2,000 years ago when soccer was first seen in ancient China. The sport evolved over the centuries around the world, and now dribbling a soccer ball is a popular activity for people of all ages across the globe. While many people think of dribbling as something done with your feet, the shift in the game of basketball in 1897 introduced dribbling to the sport for the first time. That changed the game into more of what we recognize today, and much like with soccer, dribbling is a fun and popular skill that can be practiced alone or with friends as long as you have a ball. Many people have become famous as professionals or amateurs with their incredible dribbling skills, including Lionel Messi, Steve Nash, and Chris Paul. While basketball and soccer might be the most famous dribbling sports, many others, such as handball and field hockey, are also played around the world.  

Dribbling Sports List A to Z

  • 3X3
  • Aeronautical Pentathlon
  • Basketball
  • Beach Handball
  • Beach Soccer
  • Caid
  • Crab Soccer
  • Deaf Basketball
  • Field Hockey
  • Five-A-Side Football
  • Handball (European Team Handball)
  • Indoor Field Hockey
  • Jorkyball
  • Kronum
  • Netball
  • Outdoor Handball
  • Papi Fut
  • Paralympic Football
  • Ringball
  • Robot Soccer
  • Roller Soccer
  • Slamball
  • Soccer (Association Football)
  • Streetball
  • Swamp Football
  • Three Sided Football
  • Walking Basketball
  • Walking Football
  • Water Polo
  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Zorb Football


What are dribbling sports?

In most sports, dribbling is all about advancing the ball while maintaining control. This often occurs through kicking or bouncing the ball to allow the player to move towards the goal. Dribbling sports must have a ball of some sort to be dribbled, such as a soccer ball, handball, or basketball. In all of these sports, dribbling is a means of getting shots on goal and avoiding defenders trying to take the ball for themselves.

Soccer and basketball are both sports with international popularity. These sports have many leagues and international competitions around the world. They, along with handball and field hockey, are popular to watch and play for people of all ages and genders. These sports have been around for hundreds of years, and there are many different variations around the world, but dribbling is key in all of them.

Which dribbling sports are in the Olympics?

Soccer, handball, field hockey, and basketball are all Olympic sports. Basketball even took on a new 3x3 format for the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan due to the sport’s rising popularity around the world. These sports are exciting to watch and play, and some have been a mainstay on the Olympic schedule for decades. These games are seen during the Summer Olympics, though they are often played year-round.

Which dribbling sports are best for kids?

Soccer and basketball are some of the most popular sports for kids of all ages and genders. These games can be practiced alone, in small groups, or in a full team setting, making them perfect for people in any situation. They are also relatively affordable sports because all one needs to practice and play is a ball that can often be found for under $20. These sports are also relatively safe in comparison to other popular sports such as football or rugby.