List of Automobile Racing Sports A-Z

List of Automobile Racing Sports

Automobile racing sports are sports in which participants race around tracks or courses in various motor vehicles like cars and trucks, either to come in first place or to have the fastest time over a predetermined distance. Automobile racing is one of the most popular modern sports, and there are various types of automobile racing sports depending upon the type of vehicles being driven.

In the United States, NASCAR is one of the most popular forms of automobile racing, drawing huge crowds and involving many different drivers. NASCAR drivers all drive colorful race cars around a track for many laps to determine a winner. Other famous automobile racing sports from around the world include Formula 1 racing, Grand Prix racing, and drag racing. Famous race car drivers from across the world have included well-known athletes like Michael Schumacher, Dale Earnhardt, Mario Andretti, Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Danica Patrick.

Automobile Racing Sports List A to Z

  • Autocross
  • Autograss
  • Automobile Racing
  • Banger Racing
  • Board Track Racing
  • Car Ice Racing
  • Desert Racing
  • Dirt Track Racing
  • Drag Racing
  • Endurance Racing
  • Folkrace
  • Formula 1
  • Formula Libre
  • Formula Student
  • Grand Prix Racing
  • Gymkhana
  • Hill Climb
  • Legends Car Racing
  • Midget-Car Racing
  • Offroad Racing
  • Pickup Truck Racing
  • Production Car Racing
  • Race Of Champions
  • Rally Car Racing
  • Rally Raid
  • Rallycross
  • Regularity Rally
  • Rokkiralli
  • Speedway Racing
  • Sports Car Racing
  • Sprint Car Racing
  • Stock Car Racing
  • Street Racing
  • Time Attack
  • Touring Car Racing
  • Truck Racing
  • Vintage Racing


What are automobile racing sports?

Automobile racing sports are sporting events in which athletes drive high-speed automobiles along tracks or courses in a race to determine the winner. Automobile races are often based on a system of laps, in which cars circle the track a set number of times before a winner is declared, but other races, such as drag racing, involve only one race down a straight line to see who finishes first. There are various types of automobile racing involving many different kinds of motor vehicles.

One of the most popular automobile racing sports is Formula 1 racing. Formula 1 racing is a fast-paced sport involving one-seater cars that race around elaborate racetracks. Formula 1 racing consists of a Grand Prix, a series of races that take place all over the world. After Formula 1 racing, NASCAR is the most popular. NASCAR is a form of American stock car racing which mostly takes place on circular tracks.

Which automobile racing sport features the fastest automobiles?

Many automobile sports feature fast-moving cars, but the fastest cars are involved in drag racing. Drag racing is a sport in which two cars race down a long, straight track to see who reaches the finish line first. Drag racing cars are extremely fast, often reaching speeds of over 300 mph, and sometimes as high as 325 mph, so fast that they require a parachute to help them brake. Drag racing cars can reach speeds of over 100 mph in only a few seconds, and their drivers often face up to 4Gs of force. 

Are automobile racing sports dangerous?

Automobile racing sports can be very dangerous. Due to the speed at which racing cars move, crashing can cause serious or even fatal injuries. Many automobile racers have been severely injured while racing, and some have died. One infamous NASCAR accident involved legendary driver Dale Earnhardt, in which he was killed in a crash during the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500. In recent years, many extra safety precautions have been taken to ensure that automobile racers are as protected as possible. While there is always a danger in automobile racing, athletes who adhere to all of the safety guidelines are generally safe, and new technological developments that improve driver safety are constantly being implemented.