List of Air Racing Sports A- Z

List of Air Racing Sports

Air racing competitions are some of the most thrilling sports to watch and participate in. It involves racing an aviation vehicle, whether that is a plane, a drone, a hovercraft, or an RC model plane, through a set track to complete a course in the shortest amount of time or to earn points for maneuvers. Some tracks are straightforward, time-based races, while others involve an obstacle course that pilots have to finesse and maneuver through to earn points.  

From the early 20th century to modern days, air racing has grown and developed with advancing technology as a way to both test and enjoy new innovative feats in aviation. The earliest pilots were captivating daredevil figures to the public, racing and performing death-defying stunts with planes they often made at home out of canvass and car parts. Today’s pilots also test out and fly all new technology such as hovercrafts and high-speed drones.    

Air Racing Sports List A to Z

  • Air Racing
  • Drone Racing
  • Formula Air Racing
  • Hovercraft Racing
  • Model Aircraft Racing
  • RC Racing


What are air racing sports?

Air racing sports are sports that involve any type of aircraft, such as planes, drones, or model planes, that compete over a set track to complete a course in the shortest amount of time or for the most points. Sometimes, air races are simple tracks from start to finish where pilots simply aim to be the fastest, while other courses involve obstacles such as gates or cones for the pilot to maneuver through and earn points.  

Are there leagues for air racing?

Air racing has a plethora of leagues that cover racing of different types of air crafts and run events for community building and competitive racing. The Sport Air Racing League and the Aerial Sports League are two of the largest operating leagues in the United States. The Sport Air Racing League focuses mostly on classic and vintage planes, while the Aerial Sports League covers events for both classic and more modern aircraft like drones.

Classic formula air racing with planes and professional pilots is the most common spectator sport, drawing audiences of hundreds of thousands in major events like the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Since only licensed professionals can race real planes, however, few people are active participants. Among beginners and pros alike, model plane racing and drone racing especially have grown in popularity as both a hobby and a spectator sport. 

Is air racing dangerous?

With standard safety procedures and a proper racing track in place, air racing is a relatively safe sport. Since planes can go to speeds of over 200 mph and smaller aircraft like drones can go at 120 mph, crashes can certainly be dangerous. However, crashes in these events are rare. A clear, designated race track with plenty of space is vital to the safety of pilots and spectators. Air racing with real planes can certainly have dangerous crashes, but that’s why it is practiced only by licensed, highly skilled pilots who know how to handle a plane and prepare for a crash.