List of Net Sports

List of Net Sports

There are lots of different net sports that are played around the world. Popular sports such as tennis and volleyball are considered net sports along with more obscure sports like pitton which is a combination of pickleball and badminton. Net sports can be played indoors or outdoors and can be played on many different surfaces like on grass, in the water, on the beach, and even on the decks of naval ships.

Net Sports List


What are net sports?

Net sports require the use of a net that divides the two participants or teams involved. This net is typically placed in the middle of the court. Net sports such as tennis and volleyball require moving a ball over the net to the opponent. Many net sports derive rules from tennis or volleyball to create many different types of net sports. Not all net sports have a net in the middle of the court though, as netball is a net sport that has rims with nets at each end of the court that teams attempt to shoot a ball in.

Are all net sports played with a racquet?

Many net sports like tennis, pickleball, and badminton are played with a racquet, but not all net sports are played with a racquet. Volleyball is played without a racquet as players use their hands and arms to bump, set, and spike the ball over the net. Sports that are derived from volleyball also do not use a racquet such as newcomb ball and catchball. Peteca uses a shuttlecock similar to badminton, but players use their hands instead of a racquet. Netball also does not require a racket as players pass a ball with their hands and shoot with their hands as well.

Do you play net sports as an individual or team?

Some net sports are individual and some are team sports. Tennis is both an individual and a team net sport. Singles tennis has one player on each side of the court, while doubles tennis has two players on each side of the court. Both singles and doubles are played on the same court, but alleys on the outermost part of the court are only used for doubles tennis. Volleyball is a great example of a team sport. A typical volleyball match will have 12 players on the court with six on each side of the net.

When was the first net sport created?

In the 12th and 13th century a game called jeu de paume, or game of the palm, was played in France. This was a very early version of tennis, but without rackets. Jeu de Paume used to be an Olympic sport and is now known as court tennis or real tennis. Throughout time the game was modernized and people began to use rackets. The details surrounding the creation of tennis as we know today are disputed, but official rules were created in 1874.