List of Indoor Racing Sports A-Z

List of Indoor Racing Sports

Indoor racing sports encompass a range of sporting activities where athletes race against the clock or other competitors in an indoor environment. Indoor racing sports can take place on land, in the water, on ice, or a variety of other surfaces. They often include specially designed tracks and a designated race distance. Competitors race for the fastest time or to be the first to complete the course. Indoor racing sports such as swimming, cycling, skating, track and field events, and motorsports are some of the most popular worldwide.

Some of the most prominent indoor racing events can be found in the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics, and the Paralympics. Well-known athletes that compete in indoor racing sports include Katie Ledecky and Micheal Phelps, two of the greatest Olympic swimmers of all time, and Joan Weston, a famous roller derby athlete.

Indoor Racing Sports List A to Z


What is an indoor racing sport?

An indoor racing sport is a sport that takes place inside rather than outside. Indoor racing sports are usually individual sports where competitors compete against the clock and each other for the fastest time. These sports can be played as a team as well. Indoor racing sports featuring teams are typically played in a relay format with the same end goal of getting the fastest time. Indoor racing sports are no contact sports, with the exception of roller derby, in which racers are allowed to make contact with other racers. Indoor racing sports can take place in a pool, on an ice rink, on a track, or a mix of all three. Equipment used in these sports greatly varies due to the broad nature of this category of sport, but some unique pieces of equipment include goggles, helmets, roller blades, ice skates, bikes, or fins.

Which indoor racing sports are in the Olympics?

Both the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics feature a collection of indoor racing sports in their programs. The indoor racing events that are included in the Summer Olympics are swimming, individual medley, medley relay, and relay swimming. The indoor racing events that are competed in the Winter Olympics include short track speed skating. Ice sledge racing is featured in the Winter Paralympics.

What are the most dangerous indoor racing sports?

Endurocross is considered one of the most dangerous indoor racing sports. This fast-paced sport features racers trying to maneuver around trees, logs, ramps, water, and more while staying on their dirt bike or ATV. Due to the composition of the course they race on, many injuries can occur. The most common injuries happen to the arms, shoulders, wrists, legs, and ankles. The injuries to these parts of the body consist of fractures, dislocations, and torn ligaments. Other injuries that commonly occur during endurocross are concussions or fractures to the head and strains to the spine.

One of the most popular indoor racing sports for both spectators and participants is swimming. In swimming, most of the races are quick and competitive, so many rivalries emerge. This helps keep the sport interesting. Swimming is also one of the marquee sports in the Olympics, which has proven incredibly impactful on the sport’s popularity. There are many successful American Olympian swimmers, including Micheal Phelps, Mark Spitz, Katie Ledecky, and Lily King.