List of Hunting Sports

List of Hunting Sports

The goal of hunting is to seek and kill wildlife such as mammals or birds, and there are many sports that are included within the range of hunting for food and sport. There are many types of hunting sports to take part in that have a variety of wildlife to be hunted. Each state has its own regulations in the fish and game departments. With millions of acres of land to discover, hunting sports are commonly a passed down tradition in families as an outdoor activity.

Hunting Sports List


What are hunting sports?

Hunting sports involve the act of seeking, pursuing, and killing animals that include birds and wildlife. In older times, hunting was more often used as a means of survival, protection, and for food, but now it is used for recreational purposes. It is done with firearms and sometimes bow and arrows, and involves hunting and shooting. The animals that are hunted are often referred to as “game” and are usually mammals or birds. 

Do I need a license to hunt?

A hunting license is a legal mechanism that is placed to control hunting. In order to legally hunt and/or participate in any hunting activities in the U.S. An individual must have a hunting license from the state where the hunt occurs. Additionally, individuals must abide by the rules and regulations that are in place with the state’s fish and game department requirements. Across the globe, most countries allow hunting with a license or permit, but some countries have bans where individuals are not allowed to.

When and where can I hunt?

In the U.S., hunting sports can be done year-round, and there are hundreds of reserves and public lands that individuals are able to hunt on at all times. The National Wildlife Refuge System is one organization that has set aside millions of acres of land that allow hunting and wildlife watching while conserving wildlife. There are over 220 million acres of land and hundreds of refuges that allow hunting to occur as long as it follows federal and state regulations. 

Do I need equipment to hunt?

There are numerous types of equipment and gear that are necessary for hunting. Some of the most important equipment includes hunting clothes, a backpack, boots, a rifle or bow, ammunition, and a pocket knife. These are the basic essentials for hunting sports that everyone should own. The hunting clothes which are the most popular are orange hunting caps and vests as well as camouflage gear which are crucial to stay safe and blend into surroundings. Additionally, some common extra equipment that hunters have include scent-killers, decoys, first aid kits, and binoculars. 

Are you only allowed to hunt certain animals?

Depending on the season, individuals are often only permitted to hunt certain animals at different times of the year. Deer, rabbits, moose, ducks, foxes, buffalo, turkey, quail, pheasants, many types of fish, are some of the most common, but other wildlife can be hunted as well. Oftentimes and depending on the state, some mammals, birds, and fish are not permitted to be hunted for sport. The time of year, location, and regulations in place, are important to look at to know which particular animals can be hunted.