List of Cheap Sports A-Z

List of Cheap Sports

Cheap sports are sporting activities that require a minimal monetary investment to play at a casual level. Sometimes you just want a sport that won’t drain your pockets. Some sports can cost a thousand dollars or more for the right equipment, upkeep, and fees, but not everyone wants to or is able to spend such an extensive amount. 

Luckily, some of the most popular and thriving sports in the world are also some of the most inexpensive. Team sports like soccer, basketball, or volleyball require nothing more than a ball, comfortable clothes, and athletic sneakers. Likewise, individually focused activities like hiking, swimming, and cross country simply call for the proper apparel for the weather.  All of these sports can be played in public spaces that accommodate them and do not require membership fees. Affordable sports are popular both competitively and as a casual pastime for socializing and an active lifestyle.

Cheap Sports List A to Z


What are cheap sports?

Cheap sports are any athletic games or activities that cost little or nothing to play. They typically involve simple, minimalist gear that can often be replicated with common inexpensive items, such as markers for a goal instead of a full soccer net. Some, like basketball or cross country running, require only comfortable sneakers, basic athletic apparel, and a public court or place to run. They can be played casually or in competitive leagues, though competitions sometimes require membership fees or the purchase of official uniforms. 

What cheap sports are in the Olympics?

A good number of affordable sports are amongst the most classic and time-tested in the Olympics. Basketball, swimming, soccer, wrestling, and track and field are all part of the Olympic Games. Additionally, running and wrestling have been around since the very inception of the games, dating as far back as beyond 700 BC. Since they rely on individual athletic skills without high-tech gear to hide behind, they’ve been incorporated from the beginning.

Are cheap sports less competitive?

The most affordable sports make up a good portion of the most competitive sports as well. Basketball, soccer, track and field, and swimming are some of the most popular sports in the world and therefore are represented by some of the most competitive leagues. These sports are played as casually or competitively as one desires, with some people looking for an accessible pastime with friends while others play in competitive leagues on the local or even national level.    

Affordable sports are especially popular for their accessibility. Soccer is the most popular affordable sport worldwide, with over 50 countries listing it as their favorite to play by a wide margin. Basketball is also extremely popular around the globe, and in the US in particular, with millions playing and watching across the nation. Track and field is also universally popular, with both sprinting and long-distance running drawing in millions of spectators and athletes eager to run.