How Do You Get Rid Of An Old Treadmill?

How Do You Get Rid Of An Old Treadmill

Do you have an old treadmill that you do not know how to get rid of? Like many large items, treadmills are difficult to get rid of. While treadmills are a great exercise tool, unfortunately, they can not simply be thrown away if you need to clear up some space. Luckily, regardless of the treadmill’s condition, there are multiple methods of getting rid of even the largest exercise equipment. Read on to learn about your various options for finding a new purpose for your old treadmills.

Giving Away and Donating Old Treadmills

The first course of action one can take when getting rid of an old treadmill is to give it away or donate it. While it is possible to give broken or worn treadmills away (as some people collect these to recycle their parts), it is much harder to find a new owner than when the treadmill is fully functional. The first step you can take towards donation is to contact local organizations that collect old exercise equipment, such as the YMCA. Many nonprofits rely on donations and might happily inherit your unwanted treadmill, so long as it is in good working condition.

Another method of finding a new owner of your treadmill is to reach out to friends and family members or list the item on local swap sites for free. Treadmills are very expensive pieces of exercise equipment, and many individuals are often on the lookout for free treadmills. Be sure to disclose the condition of your treadmill before listing the item, though, and then spread the word about your free item.

Selling Old Treadmills

Another popular method of getting rid of an old treadmill is to sell it. As long as your treadmill is not overly worn and is in decent working condition, someone might be interested in purchasing your unwanted equipment. The easiest method to sell an old treadmill is by using local swap sites, such as Facebook Marketplace.

When listing your treadmill, accurately describe the condition of the item, as well as the manufacturer and specific model information. Additionally, it helps if your item is priced at a fair market value. If you’re in a pinch and you need to get rid of the treadmill quickly, reduce the price of your listing and wait for any buyers to pounce.

Recycling Old Treadmills

The third method to get rid of an old treadmill is to recycle it. This method is particularly worthwhile if the treadmill is no longer functional. The easiest way to recycle your old treadmill is through a town recycling day. Throughout the year, many areas offer a bulk pick-up recycling day. In such situations, all you have to do is leave your item alongside the curb and wait for recyclers to come pick it up at no charge.

If a town recycling day is not an option, do not worry. There are many recycling and junk companies that offer to pick up your old treadmill directly from your home, saving you the hassle of transporting it to a recycling center. These companies generally charge fees for their services, so make sure to research various price options before you commit. If you are in a rush, this is a quick way to free up space around your home.