List of Most Popular Sports in South Korea

List of Most Popular Sports in South Korea

The people of South Korea have an interest in a variety of sports. They enjoy some traditional sports such as Tae Kwon Do, bullfighting, wrestling, and kite flying. Some of the most popular sports, however, are western sports such as baseball and soccerTheir national baseball league (The Korea Baseball Organization Championship League, or KBO) and national soccer league (K League 1) are both extremely popular throughout the country. As far as major worldwide sporting events, South Korea has hosted several. These include the 2002 FIFA World Cup (co-hosted with Japan), the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, and the 2019 World Swimming Championships in Gwangju. Overall, sports as a whole are quite popular in South Korea, and they have become quite embedded in South Korean culture. Below are a few more of the most popular sports in the country.


The most popular sport in South Korea is baseball. In fact, a recent poll showed that nearly 63% of the people in South Korea were interested in baseball. Professional baseball games in the KBO league often have a party-like atmosphere, and many who travel to South Korea say attending a KBO game is a must for this reason. There are teams in cities all across the country, including Seoul, Changwon, Incheon, and Busan, among others, giving it a national sport feel. 

What is the most-watched sport in South Korea?

Annually, the most-watched sport on television in South Korea is soccer. In fact, 59% of people in South Korea watch soccer at some point throughout the year. This makes sense, as soccer is often the most-watched sport in countries outside of the United States. Overall, soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Thus, while baseball may be the most popular sport overall in South Korea, when it comes to watching on television, soccer is #1.

What is the national sport of South Korea?

The national sport of South Korea has been Tae Kwon Do since 2018. The sport of Tae Kwon Do is a form of martial arts and represents several values that are a key part of South Korean Culture. These values include respect, character, and modesty, among a few others. Interestingly, despite it being the national sport, Tae Kwon Do is only the ninth most popular sport in the country.