List of Most Popular Sports in Germany

List of Most Popular Sports in Germany

Germany is home to a thriving sports scene, with games taking place anywhere from the mountains to major cities. On account of the weather, the country enjoys a number of activities both indoors and outdoors. Soccer is by far the most popular sport, but others such as basketball and Formula 1 are loved by people across the country. German athletes have found success all over the world, and Germany often is among the top medal-earners at the Olympics. While Germans enjoy many of the mainstream sports, such as basketball, soccer, and hockey, there are also popular scenes for lesser-known sports such as handball and cycling.


The most popular sport in Germany is soccer. Soccer draws the most people in terms of participation and spectatorship of any sport in Germany. The national soccer association, the DFB, has over seven million members, or roughly ten percent of Germany’s entire population. In addition, Germany’s professional soccer league, Bundesliga, is one of the best leagues in the world. The popularity of the sport was further increased in 2014 when Germany’s national team won the World Cup over Brazil.

What is the most-watched sporting event in Germany?

The most-watched sporting event in Germany is the World Cup. In 2006, a record was set during the course of the World Cup tournament, with over 30 billion viewers tuning in. The semifinal match between Germany and Italy drew nearly 30 million viewers from the country, the second-most viewers ever for a sporting event. The only event that had more Germans watching was the semifinal match in the 2010 World Cup between Germany and Spain, with over 31 million viewers.

What is the national sport of Germany?

The national sport of Germany is easily soccer. According to a 2020 poll done by Statista, a third of German respondents said they had an interest in soccer, by far the highest number for any sport. Still, many other sports in Germany have widespread popularity, such as skiing and Formula 1 racing. With this in mind, you can find passionate fans for many different sports in the country.