List of Most Popular Sports in Ethiopia

List of Most Popular Sports in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the African continent’s most successful countries when it comes to the Olympic Games, winning a total of 58 medals at the Summer Games. While many contemporary sports are practiced in Ethiopia, rural parts of the country still enjoy a number of traditional games, such as stick fighting and a horse racing competition known as Gugs. By far, Ethiopia’s most well-known athletes come from the world of running, specifically long-distance running. Many internationally-successful marathoners and Olympic runners have come from the country, and the sport continues to be immensely popular in the East African nation. Below, the most popular sports in Ethiopia are listed. Keep reading to learn more about the sporting culture in the country.


Soccer is the most popular sport in Ethiopia, as it is the most played and most-watched. Although Ethiopian soccer teams have not had much global success in the past, citizens of the country still avidly support their favorite clubs. Famous soccer players such as Saladin Said and Adane Girma are among the more noteworthy soccer players to hail from Ethiopia. As one of the few independent African countries left after World War II, Ethiopia’s soccer scene was vital to keeping the game alive and thriving on the continent post-war.

What is the most-watched sporting event in Ethiopia?

The most-watched sporting event in Ethiopia is the Summer Olympics. Every four years, countless Ethiopian long-distance runners compete at the Olympic Games, and they’ve had a good amount of success. Ethiopia has won over 50 medals in long-distance events at the Olympics, among the most of any country ever. On a national level, soccer is also a popular sport to watch. The country’s top national league, the Ethiopian Premier League, is very popular among fans, as is the Ethiopian National Team.

What is the national sport of Ethiopia?

The national sport of Ethiopia is soccer. Fans in the country are crazy about supporting their teams, despite a lack of success on a continental and international level. The country’s top league is called the Ethiopian Premier League, and it was established in 1948. The most successful team and also the most popular is Saint George FC, which has won 24 titles in the league’s history.