Speed Skating

speed skating

Speed skating is a form of an ice skating sport that involves racing. Athletes skate around an oval ice rink at various distances. The length of the ice track is 400 meters, the same as an outdoor track. This form of speed skating is called long track speed skating. Meanwhile, short track speed skating takes place on a much smaller track and is much more fast paced.

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What is Speed Skating?

Speed skating is a sport involving skating around an ice rink. The rink is 400 meters around, and two competitors race at once. There are two lanes around the "track" and players switch between the two lanes on each lap. The competitor with the faster time wins the race. The sport has been around for centuries, but is still dominated by the Netherlands who created the sport.

How fast is speed skating?

Speed skating is an extremely fast sport. Long track skaters go up to 35 mph in competition. However, depending on the race distance and the part of the race, speeds can heavily change.

How hard is speed skating?

Speed skating is a hard sport to begin. First it is important to be comfortable on ice skates. Once comfortable and skilled on ice skates it is a matter of strength and conditioning. Overall, speed skating takes time and real dedication in order to really improve upon.

How is speed skating played?

Speed skating is a competition between a group of individuals. Competitors face 1 other person at a time. They glide across the ice on skates and try to complete a desired distance in the shortest amount of time.

Is speed skating in the Olympics?

Speed skating has been in the Olympics since 1942. This is when long track speed skating was introduced. However, since then multiple new event types have been introduced.