Softball Basics

What are the basics of Softball? What are the most important things to understand about softball? Get ready to learn the basic rules of softball.

Softball Basics

Softball Basics

Softball is a sport played with two teams, with those teams rotating between offense and defense once every inning. In softball, when a team is on offense they are trying to hit the ball that is pitched to them. Hitting is important to get on base and score runs. The defense is trying to stop the offense from scoring any runs by getting a total of 3 outs to end their turn on defense for that inning.

The game is played on a softball field, which includes a dirt infield and grass outfield. The infield will have three bases, a home plate, and a pitcher’s mound that dictates where players need to stand or run. The goal of softball is to score as many runs as possible while on offense. While on defense the goal is to prevent any runs by the offense.

The Most Important Things To Know About Softball

Softball can be played competitively or recreationally, but the rules and workings of the game stay pretty consistent. In any game of softball, you will have players competing on offense and defense, trying to score runs, and trying to win the game. Here are some of the most important concepts to know when it comes to softball:

  1. Playing offense and defense in every inning is required.
  2. The goal for your team should be to score more runs than the other team! Even if you give up 50 runs, as long as you have 51, your team will win!
  3. You need three outs on defense to end an inning. Outs can be earned by striking someone out, catching a fly ball, or throwing/tagging an offensive runner out on the bases.
  4. To play softball at its most basic level, you will need three things: a softball mitt, a softball bat, and a softball ball!
  5. The basic skills in softball include throwing, hitting, fielding, and running.

List of Softball Basic Rules

softball rules and regulations

Like any other sport, softball has a list of rules that need to be followed for you to play successfully. Some rules may be more obscure, like the required height of the number on the back of your jersey is at least 6 inches. Others are much more relevant and should be followed if you really want to compete. Here are just a few:

  • Each team needs nine players in their lineup for both offense and defense
  • A batter that sees three strikes thrown at them, whether they swung or not, is considered out. If they receive four balls, they have walked and can take first base.
  • runs happen when a batter hits the ball, runs around each base, and then touches home plate. They may stop at a base and then advance if another player gets a hit or if they choose to steal.
  • Teams only switch between offense and defense after three outs. A game that goes all seven innings will result in 27 outs on each side.

Softball Basics Summary

So, what did you learn about the basics of softball? A team must play both offense and defense; the offense wants to score as many runs as possible, and the defense seeks to earn three outs so they can switch to offense. On defense, your team will be pitching and fielding. On offense, your team will be hitting and running the bases. The game can be played competitively or recreationally and requires at least nine players on each team. Before playing, make sure you have a mitt, bat, and softball and are ready to run, throw, field, and hit!