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Softball is played very similar to baseball in that it is a bat and ball sport. The biggest difference between the two is that softball involves a bigger ball and softball pitchers pitch underhand. There are two different types of softball: fast-pitched and slow-pitched. Fast-pitched is typically played at the collegiate and professional level. While men and women play softball, the sport is considered to be played predominantly by women.

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What is Softball?

Softball is a sport that has some similarities to baseball. The game is played on a diamond pitch with a large yellow ball. Unlike baseball, pitchers throw underhand.

Why is a softball called a softball?

The sport is called softball because the ball was originally soft when first invented. However, today the ball is hard.

Is softball a sport only for girls?

No, softball is not only for girls. While the sport is often played by women, there are many male softball teams across the country and world.

Is softball harder than baseball?

Softball and baseball are two different sports that require a variety of different skills. While many say that baseball is harder, the sport requires skills that are different than baseball.

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