Who are Manchester United's Biggest Rivals?

Who are Manchester Uniteds Biggest Rivals

Manchester United’s biggest rivals are Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal. Manchester United is currently the club with the highest number of English Premier League titles and one of the biggest brands in the sports world. The team has been competing at the highest level of English soccer since it was founded in 1878. This has led the club to form a number of strong rivalries with some of the top EPL teams over the years.


Among the top Premier League teams, Liverpool FC represents Manchester United’s oldest and biggest rival for both geographical and historical reasons. The two cities, which are the largest in North West England and the main industrial centers in the country, are only thirty-five miles apart from each other. Furthermore, the two clubs were the most successful ones in the decades before the creation of the English Premier League.

These clubs have been fighting each other both domestically and internationally for decades. However, this rivalry has seen some dark episodes as both teams’ fan groups have jawed at each other over the years. While their matchups have been extremely competitive, Liverpool has been victorious more frequently than Manchester United in this rivalry.

Manchester City

Although Manchester United and Manchester City share the same city, the rivalry between the two teams has only been formed in recent years. After some successes in both domestic and European competitions, Manchester City was relegated to third division in 1998, right when Manchester United’s golden generation was amassing trophies. Their promotion in 2003 was followed by years of mediocrity, which finally ended in 2008 when Sheikh Mansour bought the club. Since then, thanks to the almost $2 billion spent on players’ salaries, the club has won six English Premier League titles.

The highest point of the rivalry between the two teams was reached in 2012 when the English Premier League race was decided on the last matchday. The two teams entered the final game tied in points. However, the goal differential was on Manchester City’s side, meaning that a win would have secured them the title. As United won their game, City was still down one goal at stoppage time. Two goals in two minutes gave them the title in dramatic fashion, starting a new chapter of the Manchester Derby rivalry.


The rivalry between Manchester United and Arsenal dates back to the late 90s and early 2000s when the two teams were dominating the soccer scene in England. Between 1996 and 2004, the two teams were the only winners of the English Premier League championship. United won it six times and Arsenal three times (including the only ever undefeated season in Premier League history by Arsenal in 2003-2004).

Only six players have played for both teams. Among them, Robin Van Persie is the one that contributed the most to revamping the rivalry between the two teams, which were fighting for the Premier League title at the time of his transfer. Robin Van Persie’s departure left a major gap in Arsenal’s offense, and Manchester United thus won the title in his first year at the club. The rivalry has now lost some of its importance as both teams have been facing a long rebuilding phase over the last few years.


Are Manchester United and Liverpool rivals?

The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool FC is one of the main rivalries in European football. These are the teams with the most domestic and European titles in England. A great showdown is guaranteed for each time they face off, as shown by their memorable matchup on October 24th, 2021, which saw a 5-0 away win from Liverpool with multiple fights among the players. Most of their recent games have seen at least one red card as a sign of both teams’ high level of competitiveness and aggressive play.

Who is Manchester United’s biggest rival?

Liverpool FC has always been Manchester United’s main rival. The proximity between the two cities and the long industrial story has helped to exacerbate the hate between the fanbases over the years. However, due to their recent rise, Manchester City has reached Liverpool’s level in terms of rivalry. The fact Manchester City and Liverpool FC have enjoyed some great seasons in recent years, which has contributed to making both teams equal in terms of rivalries with United.

Why are Manchester United and Manchester City rivals?

Sharing the same city typically makes any two soccer teams become rivals. However, the Manchester Derby has become a relevant rivalry only in the last fifteen years. Since Sheik Mansour’s takeover, Manchester City has gradually overtaken Manchester United as a contender for the best club in England, reigniting a rivalry between the two teams. Controversial transfers between the two teams have also helped to shape this rivalry, especially the one of Carlos Tevez, who joined Manchester City in 2009 after winning numerous trophies at United.