Soccer whistles

What are Soccer Whistles?

Any soccer player or fan is extremely familiar with the sound of a whistle being blown. The central referee in any organized soccer match carries a whistle throughout the duration of the game, blowing it to start the game, stop play for a foul, offside call, injury, or penalty, resume play after an injury, offside call, goal, or foul call, and to signal the end of the game. If a player does not stop playing after the whistle is blown, that player could receive a yellow card for delay of game or dissent. The final whistle is blown twice at the end of the game to tell players that it is over. Though referees do use their whistles at many points during the game, they are discouraged from using it too often in order to prevent the play from constant disruption. Coaches may also use whistles during practice in order to run drills or simulate game situations. Instead of yelling across the field, coaches can blow whistles to get their entire team's attention for play calls or fouls.

The most commonly used whistle by referees and coaches at any level of play is the Fox 40 Classic, which is one of the loudest referee whistles- solely using air pressure to create the sound- and can be worn directly on the finger for easier access. The Acme Thunderer is another popular whistle, which makes a deeper noise and can produce different sounds and pitches to accomodate what the user wants, which soccer referees often desire.

Soccer whistle

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