Where Can You Place The Ball On A Corner Kick?

Where Can You Place The Ball On A Corner Kick

Corner kicks take place when the ball goes out over the end line after being touched last by the defending team. The ball must be placed in the corner, specifically within the corner arc. Read on to learn more about where players are allowed to place the ball on a corner kick.

Corner Kick Placement

According to the Laws of the Game, the ball must be placed on or inside of the corner arc. This means that the ball must at least be touching some part of the line that makes up the corner, including the corner arc, touchline, and end line, or inside of this area. The ball does not need to leave the corner area when initially kicked, but it must start inside.

Improper Placement

During a corner kick, the ball may not leave the field of play or go beyond the curved line that marks the corner arc. All three lines (the touchline, the goal line, and the corner arc) are themselves considered inbounds, but the ball cannot go beyond that space or those lines before the kicker has made contact with the ball.