Soccer Water Bottles

What are Soccer Water Bottles?

A water bottle is a piece of equipment that is highly recommended for players during both practices and games. Since the sport is very high energy and is often played in the heat, players can lose a lot of water during a game. If each player brings a water bottle, then it ensures the player is staying hydrated.

Hydrating During the Game

There are specific times when players can rehydrate. Players have time to refuel as soon as they are substituted out of the game. That is a great time to rest and recover from the game. They can also fuel up quickly during any pauses in play or in between halves. Players usually keep their water bottles on or under the bench or in their soccer bags.

Soccer water bottles can be any traditional water bottle, as there aren't any rules or regulations for the bottle, except that they have to remain off of the field. They can be purchased online or from sporting goods stores. They can even be personalized with a team logo or your jersey number.

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