Soccer VAR Instant Replay

The newest addition to the rules of soccer, some major soccer leagues and competitions, including the World Cup, will feature reviews.

Let's learn about this review named Video Assistant Referee, when it is used, and how it may grow in the future.


VAR, or Video Assistant Referee, is the video review system in place for several professional leagues and used in the 2018 World Cup. Video review can be used in four instances, at the discretion of the head official who will communicate with a video referee to determine implementation. The four instances are

  • Whether a goal was scored, completely breaking the goal line.
  • Straight red card decisions.
  • Whether a penalty shot should be awarded.
  • If the wrong player was cautioned or removed with a yellow or red card.

If the head official determines with the video referee that a play should be reviewed, they will make a box above their heads with their finger, and the review time will be added to the half's extra time.