Soccer Player Uniforms

Player Uniforms (Kits)

Regardless of a soccer player's age, stamina or physical ability, all soccer players must wear the equipment that meets the protocol for safety regulations.

According to the rules of the game, players must wear the following:

It is not required but recommended that players bring their own:

Players are required to wear the compulsory uniform for their team and league. The standard uniform consists of a team's jersey, shorts and socks.

It is also required that players wear some form of shin guards, whether they are slip ins, sleeves or straps. Soccer cleats are required, too, which you can learn more about in the Soccer Cleats chapter.

Other items that a soccer player might enjoy having are a soccer bag and water bottle. Regardless if he is on a traveling team, it's convenient to have a soccer bag to hold a change of clothes, another jersey, water and even a practice ball.

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