Soccer Studs

What are Soccer Studs?

Soccer cleats can be very customizable with one of the options being studs. Studs are the knobs on the bottoms of cleats and can be made from plastic or metal. They can be built into the shoe or removable depending on the shoe and vary in size and shape. Some soccer leagues have banned metal studs because once they wear down they can become sharp and dangerous for other players, while others leave the decision up to the referee as they check uniforms before games.

Pros of Studs

Athletes have studs on their cleats for several reasons including stability and traction. Having the knobs on the bottom of their cleats allows for them to sink into the grass or turf a little deeper. This gives them stability when they plant a foot in order to pass or shoot a ball. The studs also help with traction when athletes are having to change direction quickly. They can plant their foot firmly and push off of it without any worry of slipping.

Cons of Studs

The major downside to having studs is the danger it poses for other players. If a player goes to kick a ball and accidentally hits another person instead, the studs can do major damage. This is one of the reasons yellow cards can be given for tackles. If players slide into one another with their studs up, they can harm others easily. Referees will give cards for this almost every time to make sure that no one is getting injured.

Soccer Studs

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