Soccer Stopwatches

What are Soccer Stopwatches?

In a soccer game, referees will have a stopwatch to keep track of time. They will start the clock at the beginning of the game and only stop it at half time and at full time (the end of the game). This watch will be used to determine when the first forty-five minutes of the game are over, and then when the final ninety minutes are up. However, the referee does not always blow the whistle to end play right at these times. The referee must keep track of how much time is spent substituting players, tending to injured players, or by players simply wasting time. At the end of the first forty-five minutes, referees will decide how long the game needs to be extended the end of the first half, and the same goes for the end of the game. A typical amount of time is anywhere from one to six minutes of extra time.

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