Soccer Socks

What are Soccer Socks?

Soccer socks are part of a typical soccer uniform. The socks are usually knee-high length, and athletes will fold them down below their knees to hold their shin guards in place. Athletes prefer socks that absorb moisture and are made of a breathable material. This way, their legs don't get too sweaty and they don't get overheated. Socks are also a convenient way to avoid getting too dirty on the field especially if the grass is muddy. Certain socks can have padding to protect the Achilles and the ankle. Some athletes will also wear a second pair of ankle socks as an underlayer to avoid chafing of the shoe or the shin guard. It is required that athletes wear shin guards on the field, so soccer socks are also a necessity. Some teams will have socks that match their jerseys, while others will have a more unique type of sock with stripes or a design, just for fun.

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