Soccer Socks

Soccer Sock

A sometimes overlooked but always important piece of soccer equipment is a pair of soccer socks. Every player needs them, but picking the right kind can be difficult with so many different brands and styles. With that in mind, consider this a beginner’s guide to everything you need to know about soccer socks.

Benefits of Soccer Socks

Soccer socks are socks designed specifically for the sport of soccer. These socks serve a few crucial purposes that help athletes perform on the field. Soccer socks are used to hold an athlete’s shin guards in place during games and practices. Players are required to wear shin guards to protect their lower legs during a game. This is necessary because the sport involves frequent leg contact (think defense and slide tackles).

Another reason soccer socks are worn is to keep a player’s legs warm while also helping cleats fit properly. The thickness or compression level of the socks can ensure that a player stays warmed up and ready to play no matter the weather; however, it can also make a pair of cleats fit more snugly. The fit of a player’s cleats affects how quickly they can stop or move. To top it all off, soccer socks come in an array of colors to match nearly any uniform.  

Things To Consider

When looking for soccer socks, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What length of socks do you prefer?
  • How much are you looking to spend on soccer socks?
  • What size socks do you need?
  • Do you need a specific color or design?

What are you looking for in soccer socks?

  • Warmth
  • Maximum leg coverage
  • Compatibility with shin guards
  • Comfort
  • To match your team’s kit


There are a few different styles of soccer socks, and this can be slightly overwhelming for someone looking for their first pair. Below we will outline a few different types along with what differentiates them from each other.


Soccer Knee High Socks

Knee-high socks, which are arguably the most popular among soccer players, have quite a few benefits. They are often made with compression and moisture-wicking materials that increase blood circulation while keeping the legs and feet dry. They also cover more of a player’s legs so that they are less likely to be scratched or bruised while playing. Knee-high socks usually cost anywhere from $9 to $20, depending on the brand.


Soccer Crew Socks

Crew-length soccer socks stop about halfway up the calf, so they likely won’t completely cover a shin guard. Due to the shorter length of these socks, they are more conducive to practice. Crew length socks typically cost around $12-$20.


Soccer Low Cut Socks

Of the different types discussed here low-cut soccer socks are typically the cheapest, averaging around $8 a pair. Low-cut socks are often sold in a pack of three or more pairs but may also be sold in individual pairs. This length is ideal for someone who isn’t fond of long socks or a lot of fabric covering their legs.

Shin Sock

Soccer Shin Socks

Shin socks are about the same length as knee-high socks, but they eliminate the need for a separate shin guard by incorporating it into the sock. Since these socks combine two pieces of soccer gear (socks and shin guards), and can cost up to $30. They also tend to be more bulky and difficult to wash.


There are many different brands that sell soccer socks. Adidas, Nike, and Puma are just a few of the most popular among soccer players.


Adidas socks come in various lengths, sizes, and colors to accommodate every player. This brand boasts extra cushioning, ankle and arch compression, and moisture-wicking technology in their socks. Prices usually won’t exceed $18 a pair, but offerings don’t include low-cut or shin socks.


Nike’s has a larger selection of soccer socks than most brands. They offer knee-high, crew, and shin socks in multiple different designs and sizes. As far as what makes their socks special, they use dri-FIT technology and have reinforced heels and toes to make the socks more durable. Nike’s soccer socks provide excellent quality, all for under $20.


Puma’s most popular soccer sock is the knee-high type. Puma’s socks likely come in the largest selection of colors. These socks are about $12 for a single pair, coming in both kid’s and adult’s sizes. Puma socks are designed to wick away moisture and sweat that accumulates while wearing them.


How much do soccer socks cost?

Low-cut socks are typically the cheapest, coming in at around $8 a pair. Shin socks are the most expensive because they include shin guards, making them about $30 a pair. Any other type of soccer sock should fall somewhere within that price range. That being said, the brand can also influence the price somewhat, but as far as soccer equipment goes, socks are relatively inexpensive.

What sizes do soccer socks come in?

Soccer socks come in all sizes. Given the global popularity of soccer among all age groups, it’s easy to see why this is the case. Anyone from a small child to a full-grown adult will be able to find a fit that is right for them.

What are the differences between soccer socks and regular socks?

Soccer socks are different from normal socks in a few ways. They are usually thicker and stretchier, filling out the cleat and leaving room for shin guards. They also reduce the amount of moisture that builds up while providing padding to key areas of the foot so as to eliminate blisters and pain from long games or practices. Basically, normal socks are not made with the same considerations that make soccer socks ideal for the sport.