Soccer Sock Tape

What is Soccer Sock Tape?

Sock tape is not mandatory for soccer uniforms, but a large percentage of players use tape on their socks in both practice and games. The tape, often only an inch wide, is wrapped around the leg multiple times and is meant to keep shin guards and socks in place while an athlete plays. Having tape around the socks ensures that shin guards will not shift with all of the movement a soccer player does. It also helps to keep socks up to avoid any turf burns or injuries that might come with a foul or a fall.

When wrapping the tape, athletes must be sure to wrap it tight enough to hold in place, but loose enough as to not restrict blood flow. Anyone new to sock tape should pay close attention to how tightly they wrap their tape because it can be detrimental to both movement and overall health if wrapped too tightly.

Companies such as Premier Soccer Tape advertise many different types of tape at varying widths, with these tapes being a favorite in the professional soccer world. This tape and many others can be found in sporting goods stores and online. Athletes across the world use sock tape and appreciate how much it contributes to their ability to remain focused in a game, rather than worrying about their uniform.

Soccer Sock Tape

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