Soccer Shorts

What are Soccer Shorts?

Soccer shorts can be part of a team's uniform or simply a piece of athletic wear to play soccer in. Professional teams will have matching shorts with the same logos and colors, but can vary in the type of shorts they buy. While many companies advertise the best shorts for playing soccer such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, or Joma, all of them aim for similar characteristics. The ideal soccer short is a light-weight material that is easy to move in, but heavy enough to protect the player if they fall to the ground. The material of the shorts should also be breathable with some form of anti-odor technology to keep the player from getting too sweaty and smelly while they run. Ideally, the shorts will have an adjustable waistband so that players don't have to worry about them falling off during a game.


Some players will wear leggings under their shorts. They do this for protection so that they don't harm their legs when sliding or falling, especially on turf fields. Leggings can also keep the player warm if they are playing in a cold climate. Finally, they can wear compression leggings; these compress the muscles allowing for more blood flow and therefore a better performance.

Soccer Shorts

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