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San Jose Earthquakes Ultras

Like most soccer teams in the MLS, the San Jose Earthquakes have a strong fan base that cheers both at home games and travels to away games. They are called the San Jose Ultras, and they make up a huge proportion of the cheering you hear at Quakes soccer games. Let's learn all about this fan base!

What Is The Ultras Fan Base?

The Ultras are the main fan base for the San Jose Earthquakes. They have an established cheering location in the Quakes' stadium, and do cheers, wave signs, and host events for the team. They are hard-core San Jose Earthquakes fans who show up to almost every game in head-to-toe blue and black, and sometimes even in body paint.

Their goal is to provide the most passionate in-game experience as possible for fans in their section and in the rest of the stadium.

History of the Ultras

The Ultra's have been the official cheering section for the San Jose Earthquakes since 2003. They have a presence both during home games and on the road, traveling wherever the team travels to give them support.

In 2003, the Ultras were founded by two Romanian immigrants who wanted to celebrate soccer the same way they had in Europe. They originally cheered in Spartan Stadium from 2003-2005 and then Buckshaw Stadium from 2008-20014 before the Quakes moved to Avaya Stadium (now called Earthquakes Stadium). Now, they are centered behind one of the goals on the field, right in the middle of the action.

Their rallying cry was born during the 2003 Western Conference semifinals against the LA Galaxy. The Quakes were down 4-0, and the Ultras started chanting, "Win or lose, we will always be here for you!" The Quakes went on to win that game 5-4, and they have used that cheer ever since.

Seating Area

During Quakes soccer games, the Ultras take up a section of the stadium that is behind the goal on the southern side of the field. Their section is standing room only, and is usually filled to the brim with screaming fans.

Ultras Events

The Ultras also organize several events such as pregame tailgates, away-game viewing parties, road trips, and off season bbqs and fundraisers.

Role in the Game

During the game, you will often see Quakes players acknowledge the Ultras, or even run toward them after a goal. During one game in the 2020 season when Chris Wondolowski was out on a red card, he even joined the Ultras in the stands to cheer. The fan base is very closely supportive of the team, and their cheering so close to the field has a clear impact on the morale of the players.


What do the San Jose Ultras do outside of games?

When they are not cheering in the stadium, the Ultras host several events in support of the Earthquakes. They have barbecues, tailgate parties, and fundraisers, as well as orchestrate road trips for away games.

What other fan bases do the San Jose Earthquakes have?

Outside of the Ultras, there is one other established fan base for the Quakes. They are called Casbah, or The Faultline. Casbah dates back to 1996, and their cheering section is located on the north end of the field. They have similar goals to the Ultras, and also contribute a huge amount of cheering and signs to the game. Similar to the Ultras, they organize tailgates and travel parties to away games.