San Jose Earthquakes Rivalries

In Major League Soccer, the San Jose Earthquakes have rivalries with a few teams. One of the biggest and longest rivalries is between the San Jose Earthquakes and the LA Galaxy. The Quakes also rival the USL team Sacramento Republic FC and the MLS team Vancouver Whitecaps. Let's learn all about the history and results of these rivalries!

List of Rivals

  • Los Angeles Galaxy
  • Sacramento Republic FC
  • Vancouver Whitecaps
  • Seattle Sounders

Los Angeles Galaxy Rivalry

The rivalry between the Quakes and the Galaxy is called the California Clasico. This rivalry has existed since the inception of the MLS in 1996. Because the two team's stadiums are only about 350 miles apart, fans are able to travel to away games a lot easier. This makes for incredible dueling crowds and chants at both stadiums.

One of the most significant Clasicos occurred during the MLS Cup in 2001, when the two teams played one another in the finals. The Quakes beat the Galaxy and won the Cup. Every year, Clasico matches are highly looked forward to by both teams, and in 2020 there were even more due to COVID-19 scheduling. The two teams played one another a total of 4 times in the regular season, two more times than they would have normally!

Sacramento Republic FC Rivalry

While these two teams may be in different leagues, their rivalry is still very strong and full of history. The two first played one another during the 2014 preseason, with the Quakes winning the opening game of what would become a long rivalry. For the first few years, the Quakes have dominated the rivalry, and Sacramento have only won one game against them, taking place in February 2020.

Sacramento Republic will be joining MLS soccer as an expansion team in 2023, and have already made it clear that they intend for the San Jose Earthquakes to be their main rival.

Vancouver Whitecaps Rivalry

The Quakes and the Whitecaps have been playing one another since 1974, since before the MLS was founded. While this is not as well known of a rivalry, these teams are still considered rivals because of how long their competition has gone on. The two teams played their first-ever matches against one another, with the Quakes winning the game 2-1 in a shootout.

One of the reasons that this rivalry has been so heated is because of the hard tackles and physical play that has taken place between the two teams. Many games between these teams have ended with red cards on one side, or both. Because of this, both teams go into any match up with one another ready for a physical and challenging game.

Seattle Sounders Rivalry

The rivalry between the Quakes and the Seattle Sounders is one of the oldest in U.S. soccer history, dating back to 1974 when both teams were competing in the North American Soccer League (NASL). When Seattle joined MLS in 2009, the rivalry was reborn in the league and has been an exciting part of each team's season since. The two games they play against each other each season make up the Heritage Cup, which is a trophy given to the team with the higher aggregate score.

While the two teams' overall record remains close, the Quakes have not defeated Seattle since 2017.


Who are the San Jose Earthquakes' biggest rivals?

The Quakes biggest rivals are the LA Galaxy, Sacramento Republic FC, the Vancouver Whitecaps, and the Seattle Sounders. Out of these, the rivalry with the LA Galaxy is the most well known and the most contentious. Called the California Clasico, this rivalry is known by MLS fans across the nation. As of 2020, the Galaxy lead the rivalry with 41 wins to San Jose's 31 wins.

What are the names of the San Jose Earthquakes' rivalry games?

MLS has some of the best rivalry game names in sports. The game between the Quakes and the LA Galaxy is called the California Clasico. When the Quakes play the Sounders, it is the Heritage Cup. The rivalry between the Whitecaps and San Jose is called the Hella Cup.