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Soccer Referee

What is referee in soccer?

A person, also known as an official, responsible for spotting any rules violations and enforcing the appropriate penalties in soccer as defined by the Laws of the Game. There are seven officials (1 referee, 2 assistant referees, 1 fourth official, 2 additional assistant referees, and 1 reserve assistant referee) in a soccer game each responsible for different parts of the game. The Referee is the top official who makes the final decision.

soccer referee

What equipment do referees need?

Referees (officials) also need to be equipped with many pieces of equipment in order to run an effective and safe game.

  • Notepad
  • Stopwatch
  • Referee shirt
  • Referee flag
  • Referee cards
  • Whistle

The referee uses a notepad to take down information about players, fouls and goals.

The stopwatch is used to track the two-45 minute halves of the game. The clock is always running, which means the referee does not need to stop and restart the time.

The referee is equipped with a referee shirt, that is often striped and can be yellow, black or even blue in color. He holds cards in his pocket that he uses for penalty and foul situations, which you will learn more about later.

And of course, he has a whistle that he uses to stop gameplay for things like an injury, a foul or at the start of a half.