Soccer Referee Gear

What is Soccer Referee Gear?

Soccer referees not only have uniforms that they must wear, but they have specific pieces of equipment as well. The list includes:

They must wear specific shorts, socks, and shirts determined by whichever league that they are refereeing. Jerseys can be any color but must be different enough from the teams' colors that the referee stands out. Shorts and socks are usually black, accompanied by black shoes. These shoes can be cleats or turf shoes, depending on the field and what the referee prefers.

Other equipment that the referee holds during a game include a whistle, wristwatch, two cards (red and yellow), and a game record to keep track of goals and cards. It is recommended that referees avoid neck lanyards for both watches and whistles, to avoid any possible injury if the referee gets run into by a player.

Assistant referees on the sidelines also carry flags in order to call attention to throw-ins, offsides, fouls, corner kicks, and goal kicks. Flags are usually a bright color such as red, green, or yellow so that players and the center referee can see them. Some flags are also electronic, including a buzzer system that connects to a bracelet that the center referee wears. While these flags are heavier than normal ones, they prove effective because they allow for more direct and certain communication between the assistant referees and the center ref.

Equipment can either be provided by the league the referee is in, or they can be bought online. Some websites sell the equipment all together in kits, making it easier for referees to get everything they need.

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