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What is a striker in soccer? Get ready to learn about strikers in soccer.


Strikers often get all the attention from announcers, fans, and the media who cover the game. But there isn't another position like striker that exists in many other sports. So what specifically is a striker?


Forwards, also known as strikers, have a nose for goals. These players sit at the top of a formation closest to their own attacking third. Forwards must have the ability to play with their back to goal and receive passes with a defender on their back - sometimes called "hold up play" - and also square up and dribble against defenders one on one. Forwards come in all shapes and sizes. Some are the fastest players on their team, while others have size and stature that helps them win balls in the air from long passes, crosses or corner kicks. Forwards are usually the highest scoring players on their team.

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Strikers Goals Galore

What makes a true striker is the player's ability to score goals, usually the most on his/her team. As such, strikers are forwards, i.e., they play the furthest up the pitch, close to the opposing goal looking to score at any opportunity. A striker is a player who is a primary goal scorer on the team, whose best skill is goal scoring. What makes strikers so fun to watch and attention-grabbing is that even though all 21 players on the pitch know that this player will only be trying to score, the striker still scores more often than not.

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