List of Soccer Workouts

The sport of soccer requires its players to be in shape and ready to move in a variety of ways. There are many different workouts that soccer players can do to prepare for games and get their bodies ready for 90 minutes of movement. Learn all about those workouts here!

Cardio Workouts

Soccer is a sport that requires a lot of running. This means that players must have strong cardiovascular abilities in order to keep up with the pace of the game. There are several workouts that athletes can do to make sure they are game ready.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a great workout for soccer players to increase foot movement and timing. Players can do a variety of different jumps and movements for intervals of time. This is also a great cardio workout if done for longer periods of time.


Soccer teams have enough players that they can put on scrimmages against one another. They will mimic in-game scenarios both to practice tactics and to get in shape for when actual games are played. Often, coaches will use their in-game lineups against the bench players to see how a lineup will work together. 


There are a variety of sprinting drills that soccer players can utilize in practice. These drills will help with a player's explosivity on the field and can also help to improve endurance. These sprints can be done with or without a ball depending on the type of skills that players want to work on. Players will utilize their practice field to run certain distances or for certain amounts of time.

Circuit Workouts

Circuits are a workout that include a variety of skills done in repetitions. Teams will set up the field with different areas to practice skills, and players will rotate through those areas several times in a circuit. Skills practiced in circuits can include shooting drills, ladder runs, hurdles, and weightlifting.

Cardio Circuits

Cardio circuits are also very common workouts. Players might have specific workouts across a field, such as planks, sit ups, or pushups, and must run or jog to and from each drill. This way, they are getting cardio workouts in while they go between drills.

Skill Circuits

Teams can also set up circuits to work on specific soccer skills. They might have a shooting drill on one side of the field, a defending drill on the other side, and a dribbling drill in the middle. Players will shift through these different drills throughout a practice depending on which skills they need to work on.

Weightlifting Circuits

These circuits are most often done in a training gym and not on the field. Players will rotate through equipment such as barbells, medicine balls, or squat racks depending on which muscles they want to target. Teams will often do these circuits together to build team morale and support.

Cross-Training Workouts

There are many workouts that are used across several different sports. This is because many sports value similar strength and abilities. Below are some of the workouts used in soccer that you might see used in other sports as well.


In the gym, soccer players can utilize cardio equipment to boost their endurance. They can use treadmills, ellipticals, or stationary bikes to get their heart rate up. Because many players will run for 90 minutes on the field, they need to have good endurance so they don’t tire too much toward the end of the game. These cardio workouts can help with that.


Swimming is an awesome low impact workout for soccer players. Athletes can do cardio work while working all of their muscles swimming laps in a pool. This can also be used for players who have injuries as a way of working the muscles without too much impact from running on a field.


Many soccer teams will utilize weightlifting as a part of their training. Teams often have their own weight room in their practice facility! Players can lift weights to increase leg strength, endurance, and core strength to make them better overall players on the field.

Soccer Workouts

There are some skills specific to the sport of soccer that players practice in order to improve their game performance. Specific players work on skills that match their positions on the field, and all soccer players work to improve foot-eye coordination.


Juggling is a skill that many soccer players have picked up from years of improving ball control. There are many juggling workouts that players can do to work on leg strength and foot-eye coordination. Juggling can be done on your own or with a partner or group, where players work to keep the ball from hitting the ground using their feet, thighs, chest, head, or any other part of their body that is not their hand.

Goalie Workouts

Teams will have specific workouts planned for their goalies, as they often require different skills than field players. They will practice hand eye coordination with tossed ball workouts and arm strength with weightlifting. During practices, they might also be in the goal practicing saves while the rest of the team does other workouts.

Speed And Agility Workouts

Soccer is a sport that requires bursts of speed and high levels of agility from pretty much all of their players. Soccer players will do specific workouts to increase their agility both with their feet and with their bodies.

Ladder Shuffles

Ladder workouts are very commonly used by soccer athletes and athletes from other sports as well. These drills improve balance, speed, and footwork. You can do a variety of step patterns to build agility.

Keep Away

Before games, you might see players warming up by standing in a circle and passing the ball to one another, keeping it away from one player in the middle. The tight circle requires players to have fast foot movements and agile feet to keep the ball away from the center player. Once they lose the ball, they become the player in the middle.

Cone Drills

Similar to ladder shuffles, soccer players will use cones to run and dribble through to improve their speed and agility with a ball. The cones can be set up in a variety of patterns and distances, and players must dribble through them, utilizing footwork and speed. This mimics dribbling on the field past defenders!

Strength Workouts

Strength is a key aspect of soccer. Players have to have leg strength to carry themselves across the field, and body strength to deal with the contact that can come from other players. There are several workouts that players can do to improve their strength.

Box Jumps

This workout is a way of improving leg strength and balance. Players will jump with two feet from the ground to the top of a box, utilizing explosive leg strength. They can use a range of box heights, and will work to get to bigger boxes. This workout can greatly improve how players jump in games to get to head balls and help goalies with their movement to shots.

Sled Push/Pulls

Sleds are a great way for soccer players to do resistance training. Also utilized in football, athletes will push or pull weighted sleds to improve their body strength. This can also be a good workout to practice playing on a field with another team, as soccer is a contact sport and players have to learn how to play while experiencing resistance from the other team.