Soccer Kits and Uniforms

What are Soccer Kits and Uniforms?

Soccer kits consist of an entire uniform of a team. A kit includes a jersey, shorts, and socks. Professional teams can have up to three different kits that are all unique colors. This way, they will always be prepared to play against another team while wearing different colors. If an opposing team has a similar colored uniform, both teams will make sure to wear kits that are dissimilar colors, to avoid confusion on the field. During a game, players all must wear the same kit so that they match the rest of their teammates. The only player allowed to wear a different color is the goalie. Athletes will often switch jerseys with opposing teams at the end of the game, so teams order new kits constantly throughout the season to replace given jerseys as well as damaged ones. Kits are also available for fans to buy online in order to show their support for their favorite team.

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