How Much Do MLS Season Tickets Cost?

How Much Do mls Season Tickets Cost

The MLS is the top soccer league in North America, hosting a wide array of talented teams all across the United States and Canada. With the growth in the popularity of soccer in the United States, MLS tickets are often in high demand. Alongside individual tickets for matches, dedicated fans can purchase season tickets which usually offer attendance to all regular season games at a discount. Each team offers season tickets at different price points. Keep reading to learn how much MLS season tickets cost.

Average Cost For MLS Season Tickets

Since season ticket prices range greatly based on seat location and club, the average cost for MLS season tickets is roughly $800. However, there are season ticket offerings that are far more affordable as well as expensive. For an $800 season ticket, fans can expect a designated seat along the midfield, fairly close to the pitch. These are great seats as it allows viewers to see the entire field clearly. Additionally, by purchasing season tickets, the average cost per ticket for each match greatly decreases. Overall, if you think you will go to the majority of your team’s matches, purchasing a season ticket is a great option, as it will save you money and guarantee a seat at every home game.

Most Expensive MLS Season Tickets

The most expensive MLS season tickets are tickets that include guaranteed seats that are as close to the pitch as possible. On average, a season ticket of this caliber costs roughly $3000 to $4000. With the purchase of this caliber of ticket, fans can expect perks such as exclusive meet-the-players events, meals, and experiences. Additionally, these tickets guarantee the best seats in the stadium.


Least Expensive MLS Season Tickets

The least expensive MLS season tickets cost around $250-$300. This is dependent on the specific club, since each club sets its own ticket prices. These tickets allow access to the general admission Supporter’s Section seats located behind both goals. These are the most affordable as they do not guarantee a seat at every match, meaning you may find yourself forced to stand for the duration of the game if it is a busy day. Additionally, these seats are located behind the goals, which generally provide the least pitch visibility. Though, seats in the Supporter’s Section at games often offer some of the greatest experiences for die-hard fans, especially once the singing and fan chants begin!

Types of MLS Season Ticket Packages

There are different types of MLS Season Ticket Packages that offer different perks and seats. Most season ticket packages simply offer access to all regular season games, either as general admission or as a designated seat within the stadium. Additionally, it is common to see free drinks or food vouchers on some match days. As the season tickets get more expensive, you can expect to see an increase in the perks that you are offered. The more expensive tickets often allow fans unique experiences with the club, such as meet and greets with players or staff, or free meals. When considering different season ticket packages, it is important to compare MLS clubs’ offerings since each team has different tiers and memberships.



Do season tickets include the MLS playoffs?

Usually, MLS season tickets do not include access to MLS playoff matches. Since the teams that compete in the playoffs are not predetermined, teams are unable to guarantee that they will make the playoffs each year. Instead, season tickets usually offer ticket holders priority access to playoff games, such as early ticket purchasing made available before the stadium sells out. Unfortunately, if you wish to see your team move on through the playoffs, you will have to purchase more tickets.

Are MLS season tickets worth it?

If you intend to go to the majority of your teams’ matches, then season tickets are worth it. This is because season tickets generally are more affordable than if you were to purchase individual tickets to every match. Additionally, season tickets offer fans perks, such as meal vouchers and guaranteed seats, depending on the ticket package.