Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Soccer Goalie Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves are a piece of equipment used exclusively by goalkeepers in soccer. While goalie gloves are not required, almost every goalkeeper will wear a pair of these gloves. Goalkeeper gloves come in many different types, with each appealing to different goalies and their respective preferences.

Benefits of Goalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeepers are the only soccer players who are allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Since they are in charge of preventing goals and stopping high-velocity shots, most goalies will wear some form of gloves. Goalkeeper gloves are very thick and padded. While they often vary in style and fit, they offer a few different benefits.

One of the main benefits goalkeeper gloves provide is added grip. Trying to hold onto a shot that is coming at a high speed can often be very difficult. Using gloves will help the goalkeeper hold onto the ball when it is shot at such speeds. These gloves use latex which provides a tackiness to the palms and fingers. Goalie gloves also provide protection benefits. They will consist of multiple layers of thick cloth or foam which helps protect the hands and fingers against injury from hard shots. 

Things To Consider

When looking for goalkeeper gloves, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What size goalie gloves do you need?
  • How much do you want to spend on goalie gloves?
  • What style of glove are you looking for?
  • Do you want a specific color or brand?

What are you looking for in goalkeeper gloves?

  • Tight fit
  • Looser fit
  • Maximum hand protection
  • Better grip
  • Sweat control


The different types of soccer goalkeeper gloves include flat cut, rolled or gunn cut, negative cut, and hybrid cut.

Flat Cut

Flat cut gloves are the original and most traditional type of goalkeeper glove. This glove is made with stitching on the outside of the fingers and will usually feature a single piece of latex. These gloves are best for people with wider hands or those who want a looser fit.


  • Fits wide hands
  • Very cheap
  • Good for casual or lower-level goalkeepers


  • Not as flexible as other cuts
  • Can feel uncomfortable to some players

Rolled or Gunn Cut

Roll finger or gunn cut gloves are the most commonly used type of goalkeeper glove. These gloves also have stitching on the outside but feature stitching along the fingers as well. This allows the gloves to have latex around the palm and fingers, which can be more useful for saving shots.


  • Usually more natural feeling
  • More latex around the glove


  • Often very bulky
  • Not a snug fit

Negative Cut

Negative cut gloves are similar to flat cut gloves in that they use a single piece of latex to connect the palm and backhand. Where these gloves differ is that negative cut gloves have stitching on the inside. This gives the glove a more snug and natural feel as opposed to flat cut.


  • More snug feel
  • Better natural ball control


  • Not comfortable for everyone
  • Less use of latex

Hybrid Cut

Hybrid cut gloves do not refer to a single type of glove but rather a mixture of different cuts. This allows a goalie to combine different factors, such as the stitching from one cut with the curvature of another.


  • Highly customizable
  • Many different variations


  • Can be harder to find
  • Not always good for beginners


The most popular brands that produce soccer goalkeeper gloves are Adidas, Renegade, and Storelli.


Adidas is one of the most well-known sports apparel and equipment manufacturers in the industry. They make a wide variety of goalkeeper gloves for different skill levels and sizes, including a few strapless options and ones with very narrow fingers. Their gloves vary widely in price, ranging from $15 to $120.


Renegade is a brand that specializes in producing select goalkeeper and soccer equipment. They make a wide variety of different gloves that come in every type of cut and many different colors. Their gloves range from around $40 to $80.


Storelli makes a wide selection of soccer equipment and gear for both position players and goalkeepers. Many of their gloves are hybrid cut and come in black with different color trims. They also make certain sprays to help clean or provide added grip to their gloves. 


How much do goalkeeper gloves cost?

Goalkeeper gloves come in a variety of different prices. Many youth gloves or gloves targeted towards lower-level players can be found for less than $40. Gloves made with advanced cuts or high-quality materials will cost more than $40, even reaching upwards of $120.

Are goalkeepers required to wear gloves in soccer?

Goalkeepers are not required to wear gloves during soccer matches. However, almost every goalie will wear gloves because of the added benefits. Modern gloves are designed to give the goalie a natural feel while adding both performance and safety benefits.

How do you know what size goalkeeper gloves to get?

The way to measure which size glove is best for you is to measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm. Some brands may also offer other measurement methods to ensure the best fit possible, so be sure to look for a size chart. Most companies will have a size chart on their website that will correlate to a person’s specific measurements.