Soccer Goalie Jerseys

What are Soccer Goalie Jerseys?

While a soccer team's uniforms are mostly all the same, there is one player who stands out. The goalie on the team will always wear a color unique to their team and the opposing team. Often the jersey is very brightly colored. This way, they stand out from other players. By standing out, goalies make sure that they are seen by their defenders so that they can get to the ball without interference. This also protects goalies so that offensive players do not run into them or hit them while attacking the ball. If a player hits a goalie, a foul can be called, so the unique color not only helps the goalie's team but the opposing team as well.

Long Sleeved Goalie Jerseys

Goalie jerseys are also often long sleeved in order to protect the goalie's arms from getting scrapes and bumps as the dive to stop the ball from going into the goal. The sleeves can also have extra padding to further protect the arms.

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