Soccer Goalie Gloves

What are Soccer Goalie Gloves?

While goalie gloves seem like an obvious necessity for all goalies, they have only been present in the sport since the first goalie wore them in the 1940s. Into the later 1900s, very few goalies wore them, usually to keep their hands dry during a rainy game. Now, it is rare to see a goalie who won't wear them, as they not only provide protection for the hands, but they can also help the goalie save more balls from being scored.

Goalie gloves have several different variations, with each goalie having a unique preference for what works best. The backhand of the glove is often padded to protect the goalie's fingers as they punch balls away from the goal. Some gloves can be more padded than others depending on the need for movement over padding. The palm of the glove can be one solid piece of material of many pieces stitched together. Either way, the palm must be a rough surface allowing the goalie to get a better grip on the ball. The closure of the glove is how the glove stays on the hand. Most gloves will have a velcro strap on elastic that allows the goalie to decide how tight they want to wear their gloves.

It is key that goalies have gloves that fit them well and that feel as natural as possible. While many goalies have superstitions about which type of glove works best, the most important thing is that the goalie is confident with the gloves on their hands.

Soccer Goalie Gloves

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