Soccer Goal Line Technology (GLT)

Soccer Goal Line Technology glt

Goal-line technology (GLT) is a system that automatically sends a signal to the referee when the ball has crossed completely over the goal-line. This technology is relatively new, but is used in every major competition, including the FIFA World Cup. Read on to learn more about goal-line technology in soccer.

Basics of Goal-Line Technology

According to FIFA guidelines, there are four main principles of goal-line technology that must be followed:

  • GLT applies solely to the goal-line and only to determine whether a goal has been scored.
  • The GLT system must be in accordance with the FIFA Quality Programme for GLT.
  • The indication of whether a goal has been scored must be immediate and automatically confirmed within one second.
  • The indication of whether a goal has been scored must be communicated by the GLT system only to the match officials (via the referee’s watch, by vibration and visual signal).

Goal-Line Technology Requirements

If goal-line technology is used in competition matches, three requirements must be followed:

  • The competition organizers must ensure that the system meets the requirements set out in the FIFA Quality Programme for GLT Testing Manual.
  • The manual used for requirements must be approved by the IFAB (International Football Association Board).
  • An independent testing institute must verify the accuracy and functionality of the different technology provider’s systems according to the GLT Testing Manual.