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Football Versus Soccer

What is the difference between football and soccer?

Football and soccer are actually quite similar! (Their names are even interchangeable depending on the country.) However, the biggest noticeable difference between football and soccer is the use of soccer player's feet. Let's delve more into that and define the two games a bit more in detail.

Football (American Football)

Football is sometimes called American football to avoid confusion. It involves a team of 11 people trying to run a ball to the end zone of the field without the opposing team of 11 stopping them. The game is played on a field known as the gridiron. The players cannot use their feet unless they are performing a kick on the field like a field goal, punt, or kickoff. Football games include four 15-minute quarters. The clock stops quite often in between plays.

Soccer (Association Football)

Soccer is sometimes called football, futbol, or futsal, depending on where the game is being played. It also involves a team of 11 players versus another team of 11 players. The game is played on a soccer field known as the pitch.The players attempt to score a goal by kicking a ball into a net without the opposing team stopping them. Soccer games include two 45-minute halves of continuous clock running‚ so no stopping that clock!